April 10 is National Siblings Day! We can't get enough of these *adorbs* celeb sibs

April 10 is National Siblings Day, and what better way to celebrate than a roundup of the *cutest* celeb sisters and brothers? You're probably spending a *lot* of extra time with your fam squad rn, so take some cues from the stars and take a moment to tell them how much they mean to you. So sweet!

Jules and Hayley LeBlanc


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Known for: These sweet sisters, along with their big bro Caleb, started out on the Bratayley YouTube channel. Now, they're making waves in Hollywood, from Annie's new Nickelodeon sitcom to Hayley's starring role on Brat TV's MANI
Adorbs quote: "[Hayley's] super wise, and so funny," Jules told Brat TV this year. Her best advice for her sis? "Just be genuine." 
#Goals: Wanna be just like the LeBlancs? Put together a hilarious challenge or DIY tutorial with your sibs—let the laughs (and epic fails) ensue. Be sure to catch it all on camera! 

Gigi and Bella Hadid

Known for: The Hadid sisters are shining stars in the fashion industry—from runways to international magazine covers, they always know how to #workit.
Adorbs quote: "I feel very lucky to have a piece of home in my work environment," Gigi told V Magazine in 2018 about working with her sis. "We are each other's biggest fans."
#Goals: Channel your inner Hadid and strut down your home runway in your fanciest frock. Let your sibs play paparazzi! 

The Jonas Brothers


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Known for: This close-knit boy band (they *are* IRL brothers, after all), made their mark when they reunited last year—releasing total bops from "Sucker" to "Cool". When you're not busy swooning over Nick, Joe and Kevin, don't forget their youngest bro Frankie, otherwise known as the #BonusJonas.
Adorbs quote: "I love that we're all in a place where we can laugh at ourselves," Nick told Harper's Bazaar last year. "We're just plain uncool—and we're okay with that." 
#Goals: Going stir-crazy? Throw a fam dance party with the *ultimate* JoBros playlist, or curl up on the couch and sing along to Camp Rock

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio


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Known for: TikTok wouldn't be TikTok without viral dance superstar Charli—and her big sis Dixie, ofc. From hanging at the Hype House to posing with the fam, we can't get enough of this dynamic duo.
Adorbs quote: "I think Charli is a hardworking person," Dixie confessed in an IGTV interview. "She never quit making videos, even with all the hate comments she was getting." 
#Goals: You know what to do—spend an afternoon with your sibs trying to recreate one of Charli's *iconic* TikTok dances.


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Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Known for: Before Cole starred on Riverdale, he and twin bro Dylan were cracking up audiences as the mischievous Martin boys on Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck.
Adorbs quote: "I'm just immensely proud of my brother for tackling both the big job of doing Riverdale...and also at the same time not losing sight of his passions like photography, which he's very good at," Dylan told IndieWire in 2017
#Goals: Grab a bowl of ice cream and a cozy blanket—it's time to binge-watch Suite Life on Disney+ with your squad.

Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler 


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Known for: We've followed these star-studded sisters since their baby days on Dance Moms, and we're still cheering them on through their latest accomplishments—from Maddie's role in West Side Story to Kenzie's fab turn on Dancing with the Stars Juniors.
Adorbs quote: "I'm going to be giving thanks to my big sister Maddie, because she's always there for me, she's my best friend and she's a huge supporter in my life," Kenzie explained on DWTS Juniors
#Goals: Head to YouTube with your sibs to watch your *fave* Ziegler moments, from onstage dynamos to low-key makeup tutorials

Which celeb sibs are *your* fave? Comment below!

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by Katherine Hammer | 4/9/2021