5 cute ways to spend Mother’s Day this year

Mother's Day is coming up! Time to celebrate moms, grandmothers, aunts and any other mother figures in your life. Most states are still under strict stay-at-home orders, which means Mother's Day will probably look a little different this year. Just because you can't go out to celebrate doesn't mean you can't make her day! 

1. Cook her a special meal.

If you typically celebrate Mother's Day at a resturant, create a similar experience at home! Find a recipe and cook your mom a special meal. Spoiler alert: It'll be special no matter what, because YOU made it!

2. Take her on a picnic.

Social distancing still lets you spend some time outside! Head out to a local park or even your backyard for a picnic. Your mom will love spending time with you while getting some fresh air.

3. Do something new with her.

There are plenty of fun activities to do at home. You and your mom can try something new together! Take an online cooking class, do a YouTube paint tutorial or learn how to play a new game...anything that breaks you out of your usual routine and allows you to spend quality time together.

4. Organize a virtual call for her.

You may be in a situation where your family is not physically together. Call in all your sibilings and cousins and get on FaceTime or Zoom! Your mom or grandma will love seeing all of your faces in the same place, even if it is on a screen. Want to include someone who isn't exactly tech-savvy? Try an old-fashioned group phone call without video!

5. Surprise her from a distance.

If you can't physically be with your mom or grandmother, there are still ways to show you care. You can send her flowers, a gift basket, or even a thoughtful card. No matter what, your surprise delivery on Mother's Day will make the special moms in your life feel loved and appreciated.

What other ways do you plan on spending Mother's Day? Tell us in the comments!


by Kylie Miller | 5/6/2020