5 ideas for Father's Day activities your dad will love

Father's Day is just around the corner... and you still might not have clue what to do. We all love our dads, but sometimes it can be difficult to think of what he might like. That's okay! We have five super great ideas for activities your dad will totally appreciate.

1. Go on a hike

This is a foolproof idea for your dad if he is active and loves the outdoors. It's a fun way to get your whole family involved in an activity that will make your dad happy and appreciative of the quality time. Do some research about cool hiking spots near where you live and choose one you think will be the best (and prettiest of course) for your Father's Day. If you aren't able to hike, you can always go on a long walk around your neighborhood or wherever you live.

2. Cook a meal

For the foodie dad, cooking a meal is the way to show your appreciation towards him. This idea could be done in two ways. The first would be you cook a meal for him. You could cook with your siblings anything from pancakes to hamburgers (whatever you think is a reasonable meal for your cooking or baking abilities LOL). Your dad will totally love being able to chill and eat a meal made by his family. The second way would be to cook WITH your dad. My dad personally *loves* to cook, so if I planned out a cool recipe for us to try together, he would be so excited. This idea is definitely better for those who do not excel in their chef skills since you will mostly be assisting in the meal prep. Just make sure you have all the ingredients ready beforehand to show you really put effort into this.

3. Plan a road trip day

This is a super unique idea for a Father's Day to remember. Plan out a day of fun excursions in your area that your dad would appreciate. This could include getting ice cream, coffee or brunch. You can also go to some of his favorite spots or take a drive to a scenic area. Plan this idea around whatever your dad is interested in. If you don't have your license yet, that's ok. Have your mom or another family member drive around for the day. You can also have your dad drive, just make sure you have all the directions planned out.

4. Do something HE likes

Some of us might have very different interests from our dads (I know I do). To show how much you appreciate and love him, try to participate in an activity you know he loves, even if it isn't something you're a huge fan of. If he's a sports fan, take him to a game or plan a game in your own backyard. If he enjoys gardening, take some time to plant something new in your yard or in pots with him. If your dad enjoys fishing, take him to his favorite fishing spot and pack a lunch for the two of you. Going out of your way to do something your dad may know you don't share the same interest in shows him how much you want to make this day special.


5. Have a movie night

If your dad is more laid back and enjoys a good movie, this is the idea for your perfect holiday. Choose one of his favorites, or something new that you've been meaning to see together, and host a movie night for your family. Make sure you provide snacks and drinks to show that you really put in the effort for this idea. You could even plan it outside if you have an outdoor movie screen!

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Slider image: @50stateschallenge on Instagram. All gifs: via GIPHY.


by Grace Gamper | 6/18/2021