How to get closer to your siblings

It's no secret that getting along with your siblings can be tricky. After all, you practically see them 24/7, so needing some space now and then is totally understandable. Still, getting close to your built-in (and probably first) BFF is *super* important. Because feuds over "borrowing" clothes aside, your sibs are there for you always.

Why you should get closer to your siblings

You're more similar than you think 

Whether they're a singer while you're more into sports or you have *way* different tastes in music, sometimes your sib can seem like your polar opposite. Once you take the time to get to know them for who they truly are, though, you'll realize you have way more in common than you may realize. After all, it's in your genes.

They're someone to team up with

Dying to get a new pup? Cue the PowerPoint made by you and your sib. Need some help with the super sweet slideshow you're making for your parents' anniversary? Call up your sister or brother to help. Because teamwork (between siblings) makes the dream work!

They'll do the things no one else will do with you

Whether your parents refuse to take you thrifting or your BFF can't bear the idea of another mall trip, chances are, your sib's there to save the day.

Their closet = practically a thrift store

Sharing clothes is one of the major perks of having siblings. What's theirs is yours...right?

Their friends can become your friends

Combine your squads and voila! You'll find yourself with double the friends and an ultimate friend hangout.

They will only be a knock away for so long

Getting closer is as easy as getting up out of bed and walking across the hall. They can always take a few minutes to talk if your other friends aren't available. 

You can't stay mad at them forever 

No matter what it may seem like, your siblings will always be there for you. Let them know they can rely on you too!

They will always be one of your number one supporters

We know sibling rivalries can and do exist, but that doesn't mean you can't still cheer each other on. Their wins can be your wins too if you let them be. 

A sibling has the best advice on *everything*

From crushes to fashion to teachers, siblings are your fabulous free source of advice. What's better than advice from someone who has been through it all before?

What to do with your siblings


Pasting adorable pics together (recent or from your childhood) into a super sweet scrapbook makes for tons of fun new memories as you're revisiting the old.

Cook or bake

Whether you opt for a DIY pizza night or baking a cake, cooking/baking tends to be an unspoken love language that's bound to draw you closer.

Have a picnic

Set up their fave snacks and surprise them with an aesthetic setup. Trust, you'll be sure to make their day.

Explore your neighborhood or local area

You're so used to your surroundings that taking your local area for granted is too easy. It's never too late to start exploring, though! Whether you go for a ride to the new coffee shop or hit the nearby nature trails, you'll make *so* many amazing memories.

Watch a movie or TV show

It may seem obvious, but sometimes it's the simple things that will make you bond the most. Have them watch your fave movie, or watch theirs! It will give you something to talk about, a way to spend time together and probably some hilarious inside jokes. 

Find something to look forward to

Weekly TV show episodes? New book series? Sports team? Restaraunt? Anything that you can look forward to doing is the *perfect* thing to get closer with your sibling. It gives you something to bond over and it'll become "your thing" in no time. 

For those days when you just want to stay in...

A game is an amaze way to spend time with your sibling. Get some snacks and music and get to playing! Any card game, board game or even video game works great (Dance Dance Revolution, anyone?). Bonus points if you make up your own. 

Go and get something to eat

If you feel like there's *nothing* you and your sibling have in common, we bet you both like food. Go to your fave restaurant, diner, café, ice cream shop or even the grocery store to pick up some snacks. It gives you a chance to catch up and just hang out—and it might even become a tradition! 

Go to a cute bookstore or go shopping

If one person can help you get outside your comfort zone, it's your sibling. Choose funny outfits for each other, or choose a book for the other to read. Siblings are among the few people that aren't afraid to tell you what they really think.

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by Eva Mandelbaum and Miriam Riley | 5/20/2024