It's not a competition: How to stop comparing yourself to your siblings

Everyone always says that you should look up to your sibling, and they should look up to you—but no one talks about what to do when you look at your sibling and start to feel competitive. (We've all been there, trust.) Here are some ways to stop comparing yourself to your sib when the competition heats up a bit too much.

Get to the root of the problem

It can be easy to compare grades or game scores, but try to understand that there's more to your relationship than coming out on top. You and your sibling are both amazing in your own utterly unique ways.

Separate yourself


Having similar interests with your sibling is awesome, but sometimes spending too much time with each other can make things hard. Making some space for separate activities (like signing up for jazz class when your sib chooses ballet) can help take the pressure off. Trying new hobbies that separate you from your sibling can make you feel more independent—and make your together time all the more meaningful.

Actively support them

The best part about having sib? You've got a build-in support system for all your epic endeavors. Go out and sit in the crowd at your siblings' next soccer game or music recital. Actively being there for your brother or sister can help ease any feelings of jealousy. Plus, as soon as you become their #1 fan, we're bet they'll become your biggest ally, too! 

Do some team building


Yep, those team-building activities aren't just for the first day of school or sleepaway camp—they can also help you get closer to your family. By playing on the same team as your sibling, completion quickly turns into teamwork. Try working on a jigsaw puzzle together or doing a cute DIY. Bonus: There are board games you can play where you work on the same team!

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by Camille Duplechain | 5/16/2022