7 secrets to making a killer first impression


New girl at school—and in the middle of the year? Yikes! The secrets to making a positive first impression aren't nearly as mysterious as you might think. All you have to be is your sweet, charming self. But paying attention to these seven focus areas will help you bust the new girl nerves and gain the confidence you need for your big first day.

Stop fussing
You know how when you’re nervous, you touch your face a lot or twirl your hair? It’s time to put a stop to bad habits. Remind yourself that you look great, and those locks don’t need any more smoothing, thank you very much. If it helps, peek into a compact or duck into the girls’ bathroom to reassure yourself that your outfit and makeup are in place.

You don’t need to plaster one on to rival Miss America, but popping a grin will set your soon-to-be friend at ease and show that you’re happy to be there and to make a new bud…even if your belly is doing back flips.

Be sincere
There’s nothing worse than talking idly to an individual who clearly doesn’t care about what you have to say. Come up with a genuine conversation starter, like, “Oh wow! Your shoes are so cute!” to kick things off, and then let the chatter flow.

Ask questions
If the convo is stalling, pull out some tried-‘n’-true questions. Ask how her holiday break was, who she has for English, any advice she can dish for navigating the halls—anything goes! If you’re talking right before the bell, don’t blabber on and on since you both have somewhere to be. But do show an interest.

Listen up!
Speaking of showing interest, it’s wicked important that you actually listen to what your would-be-pal is saying and to remember it. File details like her passions for karate and karaoke away so you can use them the next time you speak. Maybe she’ll invite you to a class or sing-off!

Make eye contact
We know you’re nervous, but staring at your shoes isn’t gonna help. You shouldn’t stare her down, but do make eye contact as you speak. It shows that you’re actively listening to what she has to say instead of critiquing her outfit or looking for someone else to chat up.

See ya later!
Feelin’ good friendship vibes? Make casual plans to see her later—in homeroom, lunch, on the bus, after school, whenever. Everybody likes to have plans, especially when you're new!

Have you ever been the new kid at school? Share your story in the comments.

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by Brittany Taylor | 12/27/2019