Why every girl needs a best guy friend

You see one of your girls walking down the hallway laughing with the guy who sits between you in chemistry class. You think, What's the deal? They're always together, are they dating?

Spoiler alert: they're not! They're besties. Believe it or not, it's completely possible (and worth it!) to be just friends with a guy. Here are three reasons why every girl should have a BGF.

You'll get guy advice from, well, a guy.
When you’re having trouble with your boyfriend or just want to know how to catch your crush's eye, getting a boy’s perspective could help. A BGF can give you more accurate advice about what a guy is really thinking and the best way to go aboutobject of your affection's attention. Return the favor by giving him advice about the girl or guy he’s interested in. Win-win!

You'll expand your social circle.
Just like you have your girls, he has his guys. One of the perks of a BGF is that he can introduce you and your friends to his crewand possibly even a future BF for you or one of your besties. It’s a great way to expand your social circle to include both guys and girls, which means two things: you'll get practice talking to boys *and* building new relationships. Double the friends, double the fun.

Things will be p chill
For the most part, guys are pretty go-with-the-flow. Want to plan a impromptu weekend trip? Your BGF is down. Need a last-minute dance date? Your guy is there. None of your girls want to see the new indie flick that just hit theatres? You know who to ask. Basically, they're game for anything. And who doesn't love that?

Do you have a best guy friend? If so whats the best part about having one? Let us know below!

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by Maddie Smith | 2/21/2019