The 7 friends every girl needs in her life


The girlfriends (and guy friends) that you choose to hang out with have a *major* impact on your personality, decisions and opinions. So obviously it's important to choose positive people that will not only better your life but also yourself. You have enough things to worry about already, so why devote your time and energy on those who don't deserve it? Here are the types of friends *every* girl needs in her life.

The Motivational One
This is the friend who will constantly motivate you to keep growing and improving. This person is always there to support you in any decision you make, whether it be as big as embarking on an epic journey to climb Mt. Everest or giving up donuts for a solid week. You *definitely* want to keep this one around.

The Honest One
Correction: The brutally honest one. Despite what all of your other's friends might have said about how *stunning* you looked in that skirt you tried on, this friend will give it to you straight—they know its what's best for you. This friend is perfect for when you want some unfiltered advice to give yourself a wake-up call. This one's a keeper!

The "Crazy" One
Yes—you read that right. Every girl needs a super energetic and adventurous friend to pump you up when you're feeling down, and inspire you to try new things. In other words, sleep is sort of a foreign term to this friend. You'll want to have this type of friend to remind you to live life to its fullest, no matter how insane the advice may seem!

The Quiet One
In contrast to the "crazy" one, the quiet friend is always there for when you just want to relax. The quiet one will never object to a chill night in of eating popcorn and watching movies all night long, and most importantly won't judge you for wanting to instead of going out.

The Listener
When you're in desperate need of a friend to vent to about your horrible day or even just a shoulder to cry on, the listener is your go-to. This friend will never ignore you when you're speaking and won't interject to vent about their own life. You'll need this friend when emotions are running high and you need to communicate how you're feeling ASAP.    

The Perfect One
Though it may seem a little bit odd and not as appealing to have this kind of friend, trust us, you'll need this person in your life. The "perfect" friend is gorgeous, a genius and insanely kind. At times this friend may make you very jealous, but ultimately this person in your life will motivate you to become an enhanced version of yourself—by studying more, putting more effort in your appearance and being nicer to everyone around you.

The Opposite One
This kind of friend is completely different from you, with contrasting interests and opinions. Despite these differences, you two can still remain friends. The opposite one helps you gain new perspectives and become more open-minded.

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by Cecelia Yost | 12/30/2018