#InstaPerfect prom poses you & your BFFs need to try

Prom is all about getting the best possible pictures to post and save for the future. Instead of going with the classic prom poses like standing next to your friends with a simple smile, jazz it up and do something a bit more creative. We’ve come up with a bunch of fun poses for prom that are great for groupsor just for you and your BFF. Continue reading to help get you extra ready for your pre-prom celebrations...

First thing’s first: You need a *strong* selfie game. Whether you and your girls decide to duck-face it out or go with funny faces, you definitely need some pics like this so you can remember how big your generation was on selfies. Who knows, in 10 years, selfies maybe totally out of style.

Have a little dance party! This is the perfect opportunity to turn around and show off the back of your dress. Plus, this pose is just so original and fun and shows how crazy you and your BFF are together (in a super cute way, obvs).

A go-to for a lot of groups is standing on stairs. Change it up by leaning away from the person in front of you. The zig-zag pattern makes it so much more fun.

You and your BFF are definitely #goals, so you will for sure need a #goals prom pic together.

Spread the love between your gal pals and try out this pose! It’s really unique and turns out really prettygreat to post on your Insta feed.

Holding hands with your BFF is the best way to both look adorable and show off your corsages. Add a laugh or two, and you’ll definitely have the perfect pic.

You showed off your corsages and the back of your dresses, now show off your BFF love by looking at each other and smiling. Ah-dorable.

Candid pics are always the best pics. Laugh at an inside joke you and your friend share, or just get hyped before you go to the dance. We guarantee that you’ll *love* how the pic turns out.

Which prom poses are a must for you and your gals? Share your favorites in the comment section below.

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 5/1/2017