Your guide to balancing multiple friendships

Chances are, you have more than just one group of friends. Maybe you and your neighborhood pals grew up together. And then there's your advanced math friends. And your besties from your basketball team. And who could forget your squad from Saturday morning yoga? Balancing *so* many friend groups can be tricky, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing!

People who have multiple groups of friends are way less likely to get sucked into drama. Plus, it means you have a lot of cool interests and are exposed to different things! It's actually the best problem to have.

Make time for everyone.
The biggest thing you can do to balance your many friendships is to make sure you've made time for everyone. If you have never been to a team party because you are constantly going over to the same person's house for dinner, take a rain check on the grub and celebrate the season with your teammates. They'll appreciate it!

Don't forget your floater friend.
If you have a friend that doesn't really belong to any of your other groups, don't forget about her. Maybe you go to different schools, or are the only two teens on your block. However you two came together, make sure that you are still putting effort into your friendship. 

Take care of yourself.
When you're trying to please this many people, it's easy to let yourself slip through the cracks. Don't forget to take some time to yourself—you deserve some relaxation.

Recognize that each group of friends is different.
You love your different friends for different reasons—they don't all think, act and look the same. They're interested in different things, which is totally cool. Embrace getting to try new things and looking at things from fresh points of view. Just don't forget that your pals from French club speak French, but your yoga crowd doesn't. 

Let them know that just 'cause you can't come, doesn't mean you don't care.
At some point, you'll be asked to be in two places at once. While we wish that was doable, it isn't (yet). Reassure your squads that just cause you don't *always* show up doesn't mean that you love them any less or that you don't want to be with them too. 

Be respectful of your commitments.
That being said, if you already committed to go to your BGF's party, but your cousin asks you to go  to the movies the same day, don't bail on your plans. It's disrespectful. You and your cousin can chill another time.

Don't be afraid of letting everyone mesh.
Having an end of summer BBQ? Don't be afraid to invite, well, everyone! You love all of your friends and they all love you! You never know which unlikely pair will hit it off. It can be a blast watching new people click.

How do you make sure you give *all* your girls some TLC? Tell us in the comments!

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by Aly Prouty | 7/4/2018