5 fun challenges to do with your BFFs before summer ends

There's a reason that so many of the challenge vids you see on YouTube end up going viral—they're just *so* fun. And you don't have to do something crazy like eat a spoonful of cinnamon in less than a minute (yuck). We've rounded up all of the fun but still slightly crazy challenges that you and your besties should do before you head back to school.

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge
Open up your makeup bag because you and your friends will be doing each other’s makeup...blindfolded, that is. Make sure to take pictures or record a video for the final look. Which one of you is a makeup artist in the making?

Cook-a-meal Challenge
You can either make the same recipe as your friends or come up with a budget to spend and create a delicious meal. Whoever makes the yummiest dish wins.

Beat Shazam (Human Shazam) Challenge
Just like the show, you’ll be trying to beat Shazam and/or your friends in being the fastest to name that song. Hope you know your music.

Smoothie Challenge
This one is hilarious, so you’re not just making a delish smoothie with fruits and/or veggies. You have to add things that will ruin the taste of it..oh, and you have to gulp it down before your friend does.

Try Not to Laugh Challenge
Team up, fill your mouth with water, then turn on some hilar videos. Your teammates will try and make your opponents laugh and vice versa. Don’t spit it out though or you’ll lose.

What challenges do you want to do with your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Nicole Eggleston | 8/21/2017