9 Insta pool pics you *have* to take before summer ends


Before the summer ends, there is one thing that you must do: have a photo shoot with your BFF in the pool. There are so many different poses you can do that will get you *tons* of likes. Follow these tips so you can replicate these artsy photos. 


1. Dove float: This dove float is perfect for two. You and your friend can tan and chill on it in the pool together. 


2. Hair flip heart: This water trick is not easy to do. If you and your friend flip your hair straight up in the air, at the same time, you could get the pic! Practice makes perfect.


3. Under water pic: This pic is *super* cute, and you can do it if your phone is water proof. All you have to do is jump in the water the same time as your bestie, and hold hands with them while you look up and blow bubbles.


4.  Artsy pool pic: To make your under water pics look artsy, tell your friends to make a face or hold up a sign when they go underwater.


5. Human surf board: One friend needs to be swimming, while the other stands on your back while pretending to surf.  


6. One tube, two friends: To get a picture *exactly* like this one, you and your friend need matching braids (follow this tutorial).


7. Underwater upside down pic: You and your friend have to flip upside down for this pic. You could hold your feet up by the edge of the pool, and have someone take the pic. Whoever takes the pic must have the camera half in the water, and half outside of the water.


8. Floating friends: This photo is a must if you have a squad with four or more gal pals. 


9. Towel pics: The bright colors in your towels will bring out your flawless tan and beautiful smile. 

What is your fave pool pic? Tell us below! 

by Mary Kate Biser | 7/30/2017