How to stay in touch with your camp BFFs after summer ends

It was only a few weeks ago when some of you boldly left your families and reconnected with (or met) your best friends at summer camp. Remember feeling homesick when you first arrived? Now you're home and missing your camp friends. And yes, being "campsick" is totally normal.

The best cure? Stay in touch with your awesome camp crew year-round. We can thank technology for making it easy to bridge between states and *even* countries. We know a whole year sounds like an eternity, but try out the following with your camp squad because you can't bear the thought of being separated for the next 12 months:

Send snail mail 
Go ahead and take #TBT a step further! It might be "old fashioned" but receiving an actual letter, postcard or care package is a delightful surprise. Those of you who spent their days in arts and crafts will really shine here. Glitter, anyone?

Start a book club 
It's fun to rehash camp stories, but try bonding with your camp gal pals over a good book and charter a book club. We recommend one of these page turners for your club's first read. Connect for a weekly Google Hangout to discuss—you'll also impress your new English teacher with your lit picks. #extracredit

Watch your favorite shows together—virtually
Did you bond with your camp besties over your shared love of Riverdale and Bethany Mota? Download Rabbit and your BFFs will be able to stream your fave YouTube vids, shows and movies AND simultaneously video chat. Grab the snacks and get ready to gossip!

Tag and obsessively like each other's posts on social media 
As if we had to suggest this one's probably what you and your squad have been doing since the moment you left camp. No matter how you stay in touch, just think—camp will be here again in *only* 300-something days! You and your BFFs will reunite to scream, cheer, sing, dance and laugh about inside jokes that are only understood by your crew. 

Did you meet amazing friends this summer at camp? How do you keep in touch? Let us know below! 


by Stephanie Asymkos | 8/24/2018