The *ultimate* summer bucket list for girls who can't drive yet

No wheels for the summer? No problem! You and your besties don't need to drive to have a blast. Add these exciting activities to your summer bucket list to keep the fun local and accessible. 

Sunset picnic

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Picnics are a great way to enjoy good company and the gorg summer weather. Grab your fave food, some fancy sparkling water and a blanket to help you lie back and unwind. To spice up your average picnic, start about an hour before sunset for some chill summer evening vibes. Now you have a relaxing picnic and some beautiful scenery to enjoy with the besties. 

Portrait painting

Feeling a little artsy? This fun, creative craft is a great bonding experience for your friend group and everyone can walk away with their own special portrait. All you need are some art supplies, canvas board and a group of gals ready to get their painting on. Each friend should choose their "muse" of the group to paint onto their canvas. Wait until each painting is finished for the big reveal. 

Board game night

If you and your friends have competitive spirits, a board game night is a perfect at-home activity to add to the bucket list. Dig into your closet and pull out some of your fave games. Clue, Scrabble and Headbands are our go-tos. You can even play card games such as poker (you can use M&M's to bet like they did in Victorious). Winner gets to pick the next game to play, who's in?

Backyard camping

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Glamping with the gals is a must-have on your summer bucket list, even if you set up camp in your backyard. Grab your flashlights, a tent, sleeping bags and some snacks and you'll be sure to have fun under the stars. You can also take out a tablet with all your fave movies and have a movie night in your tent. Just make sure to turn off the sprinklers!

TV show costume party

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What's even more fun than binge-watching the latest TV shows with your besties? Dressing up as your fave characters, of course! You can have a TV show costume party through a video call or at a nearby friend's house. You can either choose a show and have each person dress up as a character or you can open it up to any show. Regardless of who you dress up as you'll have an incredible time.

Group chat scavenger hunt

Tell your friends to take out their phones—it's time for a group chat scavenger hunt. In order to partake in this activity, you need to create a list of household items. Some of these items should be fairly easy to find, like coins or shoes, while others should be harder, like a birthday card. Text the list to your group chat, set a time limit and have each person take a photo of every item they find. The player who finds the most items wins. 

What's your fave activity on this summer bucket list? Let us know on our IG @girlslifemag!

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by Delilah Brumer and Cara Lamina | 6/23/2021