The best sisterhood movies to watch with your BFFs

The weather is getting colder and indoor actvities is where its at! Movie nights are always a must for sleepovers or just a chill hang. Sometimes picking a movie to agree on can be a bit of a struggle. That being said, who doesn't love a movie about the importance of friendship and sisterhood? These are some of the best sisterhood movies to watch with your bffs.


Aquamarine is one of the ultimate sisterhood films that also incorperates a little mermaid flare into its theme. Similar to H20 Just Add Water, Aquamarine is a story about three girls discovering the existance of mermaids and the true meaning of love. Watch on Hulu.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is a movie that will leave you crying with laughter, sadness, and joy. The movie follows four best friends as they spend their first summer ever apart with only one thing connecting them: a pair of pants that miraculously fits all of them. Watch on Tubi.


Sleepover is a cult classic bestie movie and your and your friends will love. The movie follows four not-so-popular girls competing in a scavenger hunt against the popular girls to win the coveted popular lunch table at their new highschool. This movie is filled with laughter and plenty of wholeosme moments as the girls navigate through the scavenger hunt. Watch on Youtube. 

John Tucker Must Die

If rom coms are more your speed, then you need to check out John Tucker Must Die. The movie starts with a group of girls who all went out with the same guy, who is a *total* jerk. They enlist the new girl to seduce him and break his heart. Filled with tons of laugh and plenty of Y2K oufits, John Tucker Must Die is a must see. Watch on Starz.

Pitch Perfect 

If you love a sing-a-long, you're going to love Pitch Perfect. A group of disagraced accapella girls try to win their nataional accapella competition. Using teamwork, these girls find their perfect harmony leaving the audience in laugher and smiles. Watch on Peacock. 

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by Grace Transom | 11/12/2022