7 creative holiday hangout ideas for your crew

Winter break is fast approaching—finally, the free time to do whatever you want! And a bunch of days off school can only mean one thing: bestie bonding galore. We've got just a few holiday hangout ideas for your squad...



Baking is pretty much our fave thing to do when it starts getting cold. Whether it's sugar cookies, peppermint brownies or gingerbread cupcakes, you can never go wrong with some sweet treats. (Spoiler alert: Your fresh baked goods also make perfect prezzies for your loved ones!) Put on your essential holiday playlist to set the scene and gather some of your fam's secret holiday recipes.


Not everyone considers themselves a good artist, but when it comes to finding a fun hangout activity, you don't have to be! Let go of that pressure to be perfect and get your friends together to just paint. It's stress-alleviating, creative and the perfect opportunity to catch up with each other while doing a relaxing activity. Whether you're looking for a super realistic reindeer portrait or a totally abstract red and green piece, this BFF craft will leave you with the perfect piece of holiday decor for your bedroom.



Get a nail kit for you and your friends and try to see who can come up with the best holiday-themed design. You can opt for fake nails or press-ons or go back to the basics and DIY your nail design with polish. Not only will you have a blast with your besties, but you'll also walk out of the hangout with a new set of nails!


Holiday movies are timeless for a reason, and there's nothing better than rewatching the classics with your besties by your side. Turn your living room into your own movie theater and treat your friends to a movie night right from the comfort of your home. For snacks, stock up on candy (think: Christmas Hershey Kisses, candy canes and red and green M&Ms), a fizzy drink (like cranberry ginger ale) and ofc, popcorn. As for the movie itself? Have your friends submit their essential holiday watch to the GC, put the options into a hat and pick your flick.

Vision boards


Vision boards are a nifty way to make use of old magazine or craft supplies. Working on your vision board throughout the holiday season can give you a new perspective on where you want to be as the year comes to an end. And it's not all super serious—your goal could be as simple as trying a new hobby, like swimming or playing an instrument. Vision boards are a great way for your friends and you to see each other's ambitions and goals, which makes for peak bonding, if you ask us.

Clothing swap


With the year coming to an end, it's time to declutter your life—including those clothes in the back of your closet that you never wore (and let's be honest, probably forgot were even there to begin with). Hosting a clothing swap with your besties is a super sustainable way to recycle your old pieces and snag a few new (used) additions.


If you happen to own a microphone and a karaoke machine, now's your time to shine! If you don't, a Bluetooth speaker and an item that somewhat resembles a microphone (a brush, TV remote, etc.) can do the trick. Have your friends each take turns belting out holiday hits, while the rest of you sit in the audience and cheer them on. Enjoy snacks and treats while waiting your turn to take the stage. You'll be sure to be singing lots of Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande, so don't forget to do your vocal warm-ups!

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by Mina Rahmat | 12/23/2023