Friend date ideas for every month of the year

PSA: Friend dates are a total *in* this year. 2024 is for building your bestie bonds—bc we all know we've had better dates with our bsf than that hallway cutie. 

But for us busy girlies, it's hard to make time for hangouts that aren't just spontaneous after-practice burrito runs (trust us: we love a good munch and debrief, but we also love to switch things up). Swap that restaurant you always go to for a sushi-making class, and that shopping trip for a thrift flip project. Still stumped? DW—lucky for you, we just planned a friend date for every month of the year.  

January: Vision boarding

This year's forecast is looking bright and fabulous with a chance of thriving friendships. Be honest, what better way to start off January than by mapping out your goals and wishes (fingers crossed!) with your number one? Compile your fave flicks—think healthy habits, relationships and fashion inspo—and glue them to a board to hang in your room. While you're at it, munch on a DIY charcuterie board and put on some T-Swift for this girls night in. 

February: Pizza making night


It'll be all hugs and kisses with your Galentine this month, bc who needs a bf when you've got a bsf? For this cutesy hang, make your own pizzas (heart-shaped, ofc) and blast your go-to "for the girls" playlist. Don't forget to be creative with it—we love spelling things out with pepperonis (or M&M's, if you want to go full-on The Princess Diaries). 

March: Pottery painting

We're besties—*of course* we're going to match in every way possible. And when it comes to a mug or even a jewelry container, there's gonna be some Mary-Kate and Ashley twinning going on (aka, you might be the pink friend and your soul sister's the blue friend). Revisit that pottery painting studio from your childhood (aww!) and embrace girlhood with your forever friend. 

April: Spring picnic


We can never pass up a chance for an ~aesthetic~ outing, and Spring is just calling us to lay on a blanket with the dreamiest brunch spread. It's flourishing friendships season, so grab the girlies and scout out the picnic spot of your choice (think flower fields, the beach, your fave park, etc.). Btw, crafty picnic activities are a *must*. We don't make the rules, just the matching flower crowns. 

May: Pamper day

Rewind after that math final (ugh!) in your comfiest clothes with your bestie. Whether it's getting facials, matching manicures or simply trying a new face mask together, pampering yourselves is *the* move at the end of the school year. Trust us, some time off is much needed.

June: Breakfast with a side of sunrise

The start of summer calls for celebration, so grab your partner in crime, find the nearest park or beach and enjoy the sunrise with a brekkie spread (we're craving some yummy take-out pancakes) and some bestie cuddling. Pro tip: You can never have enough blankets. 

July: Friendly competition


Break free from the dog days of summer with a friendly game of pickleball, mini golf or bowling! And if that's not your and your twin flame's vibe, opt in for a hot girl walk with a fab summer playlist or even play mermaids in the pool—tbh, whatever gets you moving and having a blast. And the best part is? Matching workout sets, obvi. 

August: Thrift flip 

We're adding one more thing to your back-to-school to-do list: a thrift flip project with your soul sis (bc school is *so* much more fun when you treat it like a fashion show). To build the perf BTS wardrobe, hit the thrift stores with your gal and find your fave unique pieces. And if you're feeling extra ambitious, freshen up your vintage finds by adding your own touch to it. Whether it's turning those jeans into a denim skirt or that ruffly mini skirt into a cute top, you'll be strutting down the halls with your bestie for sure. 

September: Bookstore run 


We all know that fall = ultimate reading szn. Call up your ride or die and pick up your fave fall drinks on your way to the bookstore. Spend the afternoon browsing shelves (looking mysterious in your cutest Rory Gilmore fit, ofc) and pick a book to start with your bestie or swap book recs! Bookworming on a Saturday? Count us in. 

October: Costume scouting

October is a *big* month of homecoming, football games and ofc, Halloween. And if you're doing a group costume with the girls, make a whole day out of it by scouting out all the clothing and accessories for your look. Whether you're Cher and Dionne or Blair and Serena, you and your bsf are bound to turn some heads. 

November: Cooking class

We get it, your go-to sushi restaurant is where *all* the debriefing happens. But every once in a while, switch up your bestie dinner dates by experimenting with a cooking class instead. Whether it's a pasta or dim sum course, learning new recipes together is the new ultimate catch-up sesh. 

December: Movie night and hot chocolate bar 


Brb, we're cozying up with the girls. Level up this girls night in with a DIY hot chocolate bar or charcuterie board (think cocoa mixes, candy canes, marshmallows, sprinkles, etc.) and your holiday movie of choice. Be prepared for some major bestie bonding with your matching snowman mugs (and PJs, obvi). And guess what? It's perf for the coolest flicks. 

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Slider and top image: @hannahmeloche


by Anne Chen | 1/20/2024