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8 things to do on New Year's Eve, no party necessary

New Year’s Eve is almost here and you don’t have to go out to have fun! Try these ideas to have a fab time without all the stress of going out on the town on the craziest night of the year.

Watch the ball drop from the comfort of your home. It’s infinitely warmer and you can flip channels so you don’t miss all the great NYE action (and performances from your fave stars!).

Invite your girls over for a sleepover. Play truth or dare and find out who they’re crushing on for the new year.

Write down everything you want to do in 2018, big and small. Put ‘em in a jar, and resolve to pull one out to tackle every week.

Create a scrapbook keepsake with your bestie. There’s tons of memories from this year that totes need to be remembered.

Put on the top hits from this year – can you say “Sorry (Not Sorry)"?! – and have a dance party.

Go into the New Year totally relaxed. Have a spa night with homemade facials and manicures.

Do some online shopping. New year, new wardrobe!

Snuggle up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and watch New Year’s Eve.
What are your New Year's Eve plans, babe?


by Shelby Newsome | 12/29/2017