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Cute gifts to give your bestie just because

Making someone smile is the best feeling. And what better way to make your friends smile by giving them a small token of appreciation? A surprise gift just because. Here are some cute, random gift ideas for your BFFs that will let them know you appreciate them and, most importantly, make them smile!

1. Super cute coffee mug: perfect for a coffee-lover

2. Mini Journal: This is the best little present for a friend who loves to write

3. Book: A book lover is bound to love a fresh new read.

4. Best friend jewelry set: It's the cutest way to pay tribute to your friendship.  

5. A batch of fresh baked cookies: Who doesn't love a fresh batch of warm chocolate chip cookies

6. A jar filled with little slips of cute quotes: something to pull out when they need a little motivation

7. A scrapbook with cute pics of you two: A really thoughtful way to keep all your best memories in one place

8. Flowers: Because girls can give flowers too.

9. Little box or their favorite candies or snacks: Something they can munch on while watching their favorite show!

10. Matching phone cases: Another cute way to pay tribute to your friendship.

A random surprise gift is sure to make your bestie happy and serve as a small token of appreciation letting them know they rock!

What's the best gift you've ever received? Best gift you've ever given? Share below!

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by Aarti Sharma | 3/28/2017