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Declutter your life with these 5 easy organization life hacks

Lets face it: We all get a little messy sometimes (although admittedly, some of us *more* than others.) Personally, a cluttered room provokes a cluttered mind—and with summer in high gear, there's a really good chance your room already looks like a tornado hit it. Here are some quick and easy tips to declutter your space—and your life.

Toss the junk 
While these tips can be lifesavers, the first step in achieving an organized looking room is to minimize the amount of unnecessary stuff. Need ideas of stuff to toss? How about last year's biology notes, old magazines, dried up nail polish and that stuffed animal you had to have in the first grade but haven't touched since.

Box it up
For all the miscellaneous clutter and things you just can't get rid of (for sentimental value or practical reasons,) throw it in a decorative box and stash it away for when you need it! This tip is best for old photos and birthday cards and other things you don't use on a daily basis such as a staplers, rulers and other office items.

Have loose papers and schoolwork you may need in the future? Buy some magazine holders and stash ‘em until you need them. Make sure to properly organize and label boxes so that you can tell what's in them at a glance. Keep ugly cords concealed and at an arm's reach with this nifty lifehack using a ribbon holder.

Organize the “junk drawer”
We all have that dresser drawer whose contents always ends up in jumbled heap. Avoid this by getting drawer dividers like the one shown here.

Display your interests
Have a collection you can't stand to stash away? Be creative and turn it into decoration! Check out this awesome DIY jewelry holder made out of a tree branch, fishing line, and nails.

Utilize forgotten space
Taking up more than your fair share of bathroom storage? Use command hooks on the inside of cabinets to hang things like flat irons, curling irons, and hairbrushes. Too many shower products? Use shower curtain rings to hang your everyday essentials from a rod instead of taking up precious ledge space.

Is there a part of your room that is always messy regardless of how often you clean it? Share below!


by Clarissa Latman | 10/7/2018