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20 ways to have a blast during break

Two weeks away from school?! Let's face it, holiday break can be exciting—but it can also be a little daunting to have *all* that free time. 

How will you survive while your BFF heads upstate with her fam? How will you handle dozens of screaming cousins staying in your basement? How will you accomplish your goals and still make time for self-care? Plus, *how* will you avoid spending two weeks thinking about whether or not to text your crush?

Don't worry—we're here to help. We've got 20 unstoppable ways to beat boredom, say goodbye to stress and have the best. break. ever. 

1. Host a gift-wrapping party.

Before the holidays hit, invite your crew over to blast Christmas tunes, eat *all* the candy canes your hearts desire and wrap presents for everyone you know. You'll be full of good friendship vibes to last you to January. 

2. Bake Christmas cookies.

They're delish, shareable and the perfect way to ring in the season (and enjoy all month long). Is there anything better?! 

3. Get a babysitting gig. 

Those younger sibs and cousins aren't there to bother you—they're there to build your resumé! Start within the fam, then ask your neighbors. You'll be a pro in no time. 

4. Start a YouTube channel. 

Skincare tutorial? Winter clothes haul? Hilarious family antics? Take out your camera and start filming, editing and posting. Bonus: You're documenting moments of your life you may want to remember someday! 

5. Set up a solo spa day.

Grab your fave face mask, turn on a hot bath, light a lavender-scented candle and relax the day away. School stress? IDK her. 

6. Go ice skating. 

Your inner Queen Elsa is just waiting to take on the ice—so bundle up, lace up your skates and get ready for some magical winter fun.

7. Write down family stories. 

Aunt Theresa can't stop talking about the time she studied abroad in Paris? Grandpa Joe keeps telling you his favorite inspirational quotes? Take out your laptop and write down what they're saying—you can chronicle your ancestors' history and fill out your family tree with all the deets.

8. Visit a faraway friend. 

Your camp bestie lives two hours away and your schedules are always *way* too busy to hang IRL? Now's your moment! Ask for a ride and head to your friend's house for a few days. You're sure to make mems to last a lifetime.

9. Invent a new holiday tradition.

Always wanted to do Christmas Eve karaoke with your sis? Or head a half hour away to go sledding? Or bond with your mom over a tasty new recipe? Add your brand-new tradition to your schedule—and repeat year after year.

10. Curl up with a good book. 

There's no better time to get started on your TBR list. Get a cozy blanket and a mug of tea, and lose track of time when you're caught up in a binge-worthy read. Bonus points if you get through an entire series!

11. Start a planner for next year.

It's the perfect time to meet your organizational #goals—grab a bullet journal or blank notebook and start scheduling away! You're going to start 2020 with the boss babe vibes you know you need.

12. Make summer plans.

June may seem far away when you're bundled up in your winter coat, but summer will be here before you know it. Make a game plan to get that fashion internship you've always wanted or research writing programs and start your applications. Your future self will thank you.

13. Reorganize your closet.

Relegate warm-weather clothes to the back and make space for all your fave jeans, sweaters, scarves and layers to keep you fashionable (even when it's freezing).

14. Send letters to your squad. 

In the age of texting and Instagram, snail mail is a lost art. Remind your besties how much they mean to you with a handwritten note. Give it a stamp and head to the mailbox! You'll feel extra-accomplished, and your friends will appreciate the kind gesture.

15. Learn a new skill. 

Origami? Cut crease eyeshadow? Casserole cooking? The holiday break is your moment to acquire a brand-new talent you didn't even know you had. Practice makes perfect, and you've got the time to become a star.

16. Research the perfect vacation.

Whether it's Greece, Australia or Hawaii, create a travel itinerary for your dream destination. Then, start saving up that babysitting money and counting down the days until your flight takes off.

17. Shadow someone at your dream job.

Maybe your older brother's friend works as a sportscaster, your cousin is an engineer or your neighbor spends her days running a daycare center. If that sounds like an amaze gig for you, ask to shadow for a day and see what it's like in the working world.

18. Binge-watch an entire TV show.

Go back to the first season of Riverdale or treat yourself to the throwback catalog on Disney+ (because a little Hannah Montana never hurt anyone...). You've worked hard, so kick back and enjoy some drama and laughs.

19. Reach out to a new friend.

If your usual squad is busy with fam and traveling, take advantage of the opportunity to get to know someone new. Whether it's that hilarious girl on your soccer team or the neighbor who just moved in, be vulnerable and take a chance—chances are, they're looking for a friend, too.

20. Throw a New Year's Eve party!

Spend your days planning and preparing the *greatest* NYE party your guests have ever seen. From top-notch decorations to a sparkling outfit, welcome 2020 in style and sophistication. 

How do you plan to spend your break? Comment below!


by Katherine Hammer | 11/16/2019