Say goodbye to dry skin with these 5 fabulous face masks

Dry skin? IDK her. Even when the cool winter winds start to blow your way, your skin can stay nourished, refreshed and super moisturized with the help of your favorite face masks. 

Upgrade your skincare with these five fabulous masks—from sheet masks to DIY, you can't go wrong. 

TONYMOLY It's Lavender Hydrating Mask 


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There's a reason why these masks have become a cult favorite: they work in minutes, target specific skin goals and have an amazing scent for whatever you're feeling. Try lavender for its soothing, calming properties whenever you (and your skin) are stressing and get ready for instant relaxation. 

Peach & Lily Reset Button Sheet Mask 


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If you're a K-beauty fan, you *must* check out Peach & Lily for their high-quality, effective products. Kick back and chill as you wear this sheet mask and imagine you're drifting away to the tropical island of your dreams. You'll be ready to take on the day in no time. 

Yes To Bubbling Paper Mask


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From brightening grapefruit to soothing coconut, these sheet masks have it all—so pick up a few on your next trip to the drugstore and say "YES!" to treating yourself (and your skin) this season. After all, *nothing* is more important than prioritizing yourself and your own self-care. 

Mario Badescu Cucumber Tonic Mask


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Honor the VSCO girl vibes inside you with this go-to mask. It cleans your pores and clears up oily skin, making you refreshed and ready for finals, homecoming or Thanksgiving dinner. Bonus points if you light a candle and take a bath, too—you deserve it!

DIY Face Mask

Don't want to spend money on a face mask? Don't stress—you can make your own using a few basic ingredients around the house! From avocado to honey, oats to yogurt, get creative in the kitchen and reward your hard work with amaze skin! 

What's your favorite face mask? Comment below! 

by Katherine Hammer | 11/3/2019