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This teen #GirlBoss created a platform to help young business owners thrive


Are you a teen who is interested in being an entrepreneur? Do you already have a business and want some guidance on marketing and growing? Meet Paola Ochoa: the teen #GirlBoss that has built a platform for teens to grow their businesses and pursue their passions.

Paola is the founder of Teen Boss Babes (TBB), an online platform and podcast with a mission to inspire and help teens with all things business and life-related. With just over 8,000 followers, TBB has become an exponentially growing space for teens to learn and grow together.

The coolest part? This isn't a solo mission. Paola has built a team of girls who specialize in giving advice in *tons* of topics. The diversity of the brand has helped thousands of girls to grow their business, handle life, and conquer the world.

TBB's podcast is a collection of interviews with inspiring teenagers who are accomplishing incredible things. Paola regularly interviews teens to discuss business, high school, and even girl topics. When you need a little motivation, plug your earbuds in and listen to the Teen Boss Babes pod to get that *extra* push.

The inspo behind Teen Boss Babes all started with her first business, Socials By Paola, "When I started my first business, I didn't know of any other teens who had a business," Paola says, "I was seen as the 'weird girl' at school having a business and no one took me seriously. After going through all those struggles, I decided that I should be the one to start that community and find those people like me that I have been searching for."

Paola also spoke about the impact that TBB had on her life, "The biggest achievement for me is being able to see the growth from other boss babes and them sharing how we have been able to impact their life is just crazy to me."

What can you expect to see from Teen Boss Babes in the future? According to Paola, it is only just getting started, "We are planning to expand the product line, host more webinars and summer camps, and, of course, continue sharing the newest tips and tricks on growing your platform!"

This boss babe has taken her own knowledge and used it to impact other teen business owners around her. If you are ready to grow your business to the next level, you can keep up with TBB to keep learning from experienced teen-preneurs!

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by Eres Croker | 11/17/2020