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20 totally fun things to do in a socially distanced winter


This holiday season *definitely* won't feel the same as it normally does, but that doesn't mean you can't make it fun! There are tons of ways to make the most of this time of year while staying COVID-safe and keeping in mind the precautions we have all been living under this year. Here is the *perf* go-to activity guide for your winter break this year with all the fun, socially distant things you could dream of. 


1) Decorate your home 

As we all plan to spend our holidays at home, we might as well make it look festive! Setting up a Christmas tree, garland, menorah, lights, and other decorations will get you in the spirit of the season (and is a great way to spend some quality time with your fam!) 


2) Baking chain 

We've all been doing a *lot* more baking this year with the free time we have had, and this is a fun way to spread some positive vibes and enjoy delicious treats at the same time. Start by baking a holiday treat: cookies, pie, hot cocoa, whatever you want! Then, surprise a friend or neighbor by leaving the treat on their porch with a note telling them to keep the chain going. They can bake something of their own and deliver it to whoever they want. Talk about a gift that will keep on giving! 


3) Make your own candy in the snow

Yes, this is a thing! Once it finally starts to snow this winter, you can collect it and use it to make your own candy. All you have to do is back some snow into a container, pour drops of maple syrup into the snow in whatever size or shape you want your candy to be, and wait for it to harden. It becomes a delicious and festive treat that will make you feel like The Little House on the Prarie has come to life. 


4) Sledding 

As long as you and your friends are careful to stay at least 6 feet apart, sledding can be the socially distant adrenaline rush we have all been waiting for. 


5) Snowman building contest 

Get all your BFFs on a group FaceTime and build snowmen together. You can go all out by giving them mfun accessories from your own closet, and even have a judge decide who made the most creative snowman! This is an amazing way to stay inn touch with friends from the comfort of your own home while also enjoying some fresh winter air. 


6) Learn to knit 

It's not just for your grandparents! Knitting is actually really relaxing, and you can spend an afternoon handcrafting a hat, mittens, or a blanket for yourself or someone you care about.


7) Get into podcasts or audiobooks 

There are so many podcasts out there: from social media stars spilling *all* the tea on their lives to true crime recounts and comedy pairs, you can find something for all your interests! You can also relax with an audio book to help pass the time on a boring winter day. 


8) DIY skincare 

Treat yourself to a pampering night this winter (and protect your skin from the harsh winter air) with homemade face masks and scrubs. There are tons of recipes available online, and with ingredients as simple as sugar and honey you can create a luxurious product that your skin will thank you for later on. 


9) Manifest your 2021 goals! 

You can totally make 2021 the best year yet, and there's no time like the present to write out all your hopes for the fresh start that we've been waiting for for *months* now. Read all about how the Law of Attraction can help you kill it at life here. 


10) Winter photoshoot 

Get out an enjoy the holiday scenery! You can take a self-timer photoshoot or partner up with your sis and take pics of one another in cute clothes. It is sometimes fun to dress up just because, and your Insta feed will definitely be holiday goals.


11) Learn a tiktok dance every day 

Who needs a cardio workout when you can do the Renegade in front of your bathroom mirror every day? Make it a mission to learn a new dance each day from our fave social media app and get that heart rate up while also keeping yourself busy. 


12) Bonfire and s'mores sesh 

Light up a little fire with your fam and roast marshmallows one night! This cute activity will give you some time to talk with your loved ones *and* provides an excuse to eat s'mores: what more could you ask for! 


13) Secret Santa 

It is actually way easier than you would think to host a socially distant Secret Santa with your friends! You can get *all* the tips here.  


14) Host a *mini* party 

We want everyone to have a safe holiday season, and if you have the opportunity to see your loved ones you definitely should do it as carefully as possible. You can follow these tricks to have the fun mini party of your dreams!  


15) Make your own jewelry 

Not only is this a fun creative outlet, you can use the pieces you make as holiday presents for your loved ones. There are tons of DIY video tutorials on Youtube to guide you, and you can make simple earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with items from around the house. 


16) Virtual book club

If you find yourself in need of a good book to read this winter, call up a few of your friends and ask for their recommendations. You can all read something together and meet up over FaceTime to discuss it! 


17) Switch up your aesthetic 

Been getting tired of the same old thing? Mix it up this season and follow our guide to creating a whoel new you! Check out some underrated "core" aesthetics you can use as inspo here. 


18) Present wrapping (virtual) party 
There's no reason to make wrapping presents feel like a chore this year! Plan a time with bae or a friend to chat over FaceTime while you wrap gifts, listen to holiday tunes and munch on some yummy seasonal treats. It willl *definitely* set the right holiday mood! 


19) Design holiday cards 

Using a website like Shutterfly, you can upload some of your favorite photos into a template and create a set of pretty holiday cards. Mailing them to your loved ones this winter will definitely put a smile on their faces, and it will be fun for you to reminisce on the moments of goodness that 2020 had to offer (whatever that means to you). 


20) Give back! 

With the additional economic and social challenges of this year, there are countless people across our country and world that need a little extra help this winter. Spend a day volunteering at a local food bank or charity organization if you are able (you can usually contact a representative of an organization directly and ask them if they are accepting volunteers for socially distant programming), collect food and hygiene items to donate to local shelters or contribute to an online organization with a monetary donation. Spending time and energy to help others will help you feel great and make a big difference in your community! 

Which of these activities are on your winter bucket list? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag


by Lexi Casazza | 11/21/2020