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5 things to know about every Pisces girl in honor of Pisces season

Pisces season is here, and it's *so* magical. These water signs are everywhere—from celebs (like Olivia Rodrigo and Simone Biles) to your BFFs. We love Pisces!

Here are the top five things you need to know about every Pisces girl. 

1. They are empathetic and compassionate (but sometimes moody). 

Pisces are water signs, which means they feel *all* the feels. They fit the element—water—because they tend to be more flexible and understanding; they go with the flow. This makes Pisces very sensitive with themselves and those around them. 

However, Pisces can change directions very quickly like a current—they are susceptible to mood swings. On the flip side, they have the *amazing* power to control their emotions. As water keeps flowing, so does Pisces—they are at their best when helping others. 

2. They *love* to channel their inner creativity. 

Pisces girls are artistic beings. They are constantly taken in with beauty from the world around them. Because Pisces are so connected with others, they put their energy into the arts—music, writing, painting. They are dreamers that often get caught in a haze dreaming of all the possibilities. Pisces are magical. 

3. They have a superb intuition. 

Pisces have an *extreme* sixth sense. When something is off, they know it.

Neptune, the planet of spirituality, rules over a Pisces girl with fantasy, fairytales and daydreaming. Pisces' ability to understand others gives them their psychic abilities and amaze intuition.

Rule of thumb: don't cross a Pisces—ever

4. They are introverts. 

Pisces are introverts that like to spend time with themselves doing their fave things! 

Sometimes they need space—socializing can be *super* draining. They often keep to themselves at parties or in huge crowds so they can watch people and observe the world. Lastly, they'd rather have a few BFFs than a huge group of friends. (If your BFF is a Pisces, you should be honored!)

5. They *love* to love.

Pisces are romantics at heart. They appreciate beauty, quality time and connecting with others. You might find a Pisces girl reading a sappy love novel or watching a rom-com—they are suckers for a good hopeless romantic, star-crossed lover storyline! 

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by Allie Lijewski | 2/20/2021