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5 ways to travel cheaply while you’re young

Whether you've been living vicariously through Hannah Meloche's Hawaii vlogs, you somehow wound up on travel TikTok or you've been dreaming of your first cross-country adventure since childhood, it seems like everyone has been bitten by the traveling bug recently. It makes sense—after a year of being cooped up because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are itching to get out of their hometowns to go somewhere new and exciting. Travel is such an amazing way for people to expand their worldview and be exposed to different cultures and landscapes, but it is also an easy way to break the bank—especially if you're young and don't have much in savings. If you're hoping to travel while you're young, keep reading, because we've rounded up five easy ways to save money while making your jetsetter dreams come true.

Stay in hostels

Are you looking to cut costs on lodging while you travel? If so, consider staying in a hostel. Hostels are dorm-like  accommodations that are cheaper than most hotels and home rental services. While you'll be sharing a room with other people (sometimes as low as four our as high as 20), you'll save on lodging and may even come out of the experience with a few new friends or travel buddies.

Book your flights through StudentUniverse

Are you a student or individual under 26 years old? If so, you're elligible for discounted domestic and international flights if you book using StudentUniverse. The website sorts its deals based on location and pricing, so you can prioritize whichever item is most important to you. By signing up for their free membership, you'll recieve emails about their latest deals every week. How cool is that?

Take a roadtrip

Want to go somewhere you've never been but don't want to shell out money for a plane ticket? No worries, there are plenty of ways to travel no matter what your preferred method of transportation is. If you'd rather to stick to driving than flying, plan a road trip with your best buds. Make sure to take a car that gets good gas mileage, though, otherwise a plane may wind up being the cheaper option.

Register for a travel program

If you want to travel but aren't sure what you want your trip to look like, consider booking through a travel program like EF Tours. While you have to pay many of these programs upfront for the whole trip, you won't have to worry about any additional fees (other than souvineirs) while you're traveling. Plus, they schedule your itenerary, housing and flights—what more could you want?  

Go camping

Yes, really. While camping may not be what most people think of when planning their dream vacay, it is one of the cheapest ways to travel. If you have a camper, great, you're set! But if you're like most people who don't, there are still a few ways to avoid tent-camping and still have an exciting camping vaction. If you (or a friend) own a large van, you can turn it into a mini-camper and sleep in the back. Bonus: you never have to worry about finding lodging or transportation, because you'll have both rolled into one.

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by Claire Hutto | 5/29/2021