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3 reasons why you should learn to code this summer (and how to get started!)

Have you ever wondered how your fave video game was made or how robots know how to move? There's a lot that goes into making the gadgets that fill our lives and one of those key components is coding. Coding is a great skill to have, is super fun and is not as hard as you think. This summer is the perfect time to learn to code and we'll show you why—and how to start.

Coding is enjoyable

Whether you're learning how to make a website for all your stellar fashion advice or teaching your avatar how to go through a virtual maze, coding is a lot of fun. Learning to code this summer is not the same as school, so don't think this will be anything like trying to stay awake during history class. Coding is very engaging and it feels awesome when you get the hang of it.

Coding will help you in the future

From engineering to social media management and everything in between, most jobs value knowing how to code. Even when it's not a necessity, the ability to code is always a plus. Being proficient in a coding language is the perfect addition to your resume and might help you land your dream job or internship.

Coding is doable

Although knowing how to code might help you become an astrophysicist, you certainly don't need to be one to learn. Just remember not to think of coding in an insurmountable light. Take it step-by-step and you'll do great. There's also tons of resources you can use that you'll read about in a second. 

How do you start?

So, you've decided you want to code this summer. Now what? One of the best ways to get started is by finding a free coding website. Two incredible options are Khan Academy and Once you find a website you'd like to use, you should think about what your goals are. If you want to design web pages, you might want to learn a language like HTML. If you want to create your own games you might want to start with basic block code like Scratch. Once you decide what you want to learn, start exploring. Watch tutorials, try fun activities and challenge yourself. There's so much to do in the world of coding and all you have to do is get started!

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by Delilah Brumer | 6/27/2021