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How to take the best food photos for Instagram

You go out for brunch with your besties and order the most beautiful plate of food you've ever seen in your life. Yum! But when you go to show it off on all your social media accounts, you notice there's something missing. It just doesn't look as good on camera as it does IRL. We've been there.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your food look as irresistible on your feed as it does on your plate. You'll be a food blogger in no time...

Capture the moment, not just the food


Oh, to be eating a croissant and reading a good book right about now. *Sigh.* What makes this photo so appealing is not just the flaky, powder-sugared pastry, but the whole aesthetic of enjoying it with a book in hand. Whether you're eating ice cream at the beach or sipping hot tea at home, hold your food up and capture the moment. Bonus points if you're sporting cute nail art!

Add a pop of color


Some of the best food photos are the ones with a lot of color! The best way to accomplish this is to include colorful plates and bowls (mixing and matching is totally OK!) and incorporate various colors in the dish itself. A colorful beverage (such as orange juice) in the background always helps, as doe colorful place mates and tablecloths.

Get the angle right


It would be difficult to make a cheesy, perfectly crisped, heart-shaped pepperoni pizza look bad, but tilting the box at a 45-degree angle and off-centering it in a photo certainly makes it look even better. Not to mention it leaves room to include dessert (like those adorbs cupcakes pictured above) as well!

Take a bite


If you follow Lana Condor on Instagram then you know she is the queen of food photos! While you can find many solo shots of pizzas on her Insta feed (along with many other foods too, ofc), here she is featured in the photo taking a bite. This adds some personality to the photo and shows the world just how much you actually love the food you are sharing photos of. Plus, why not show off your delicious lunch and your cute floral dress at the same time??

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by Melanie Dowling | 11/27/2022