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How to incorporate more hygge in your life

A cozy night spent reading in bed, cuddling with your cat and sipping a hot drink? There's a word for that incredible feeling. Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish term that doesn't quite have a direct English translation, but basically describes a sense of total gratitude, contentment and coziness that everyone deserves to cultivate this winter. Want this feeling but don't know where to start? We've got you covered with ways to incorporate  *all* the comforting, feel-good hygge vibes in your life!

Cook a comfort food

It's time to put that chef hat on and cook (or bake!) the food that always makes you feel warm and happy. Whether that's baking holiday cookies with your mom or making your fave mac 'n cheese recipe, time spent in the kitchen is sure to add coziness to your life. Pro tip? Make sure to hone into your 5 senses as you eat for the most hygge experience possible.

Light a candle

Hygge is mainly about the little warm things in life. So naturally, it's time to light a scented candle to warm your surroundings! Or, if you have a fireplace, curl up next to it (and ofc, don't forget a blanket).

Have a hot drink

Hot drinks = instant comfort. Make yourself some cocoa or hot tea and feel the warm cup in your hands, notice the steam rise and enjoy the comforting sensation as you sip.

Swap your phone for a book!

We get it—scrolling through TikTok can be super fun sometimes, but it can also be draining. It's time to swap that phone for a book every once in a while. After all, there's nothign quite as cozy as cuddling up with a good read.

Engage in deep convos with loved ones

Another way to be hygge? Simply talk it out! Cozying up and engaging in deep convos can create a comfy and happy environment. And if you're not sure where to start, we heart the Hygge Game

Start a gratitude journal

It's true—when it comes to hygge, gratitude *is* the attitude. One way to truly think about what you're grateful for is to journal about it. Make a list of allll the things you're lucky to have in your life. From your bed to your fam, the possibilities are endless.

Practice mindfulness to stay in the moment

Take a moment out of your busy day to just breathe. Hone into all 5 of your senses and enjoy the moment. And if you have the time, try a cozy yoga vid too! 

Dedicate time in your sched for Y-O-U

By now, you've prob noticed a common theme: hygge is all about doing things that bring you joy. That's why the *most* important way to cultivate hygge in your life is to carve time out of your sched for you and for you only. Whether you use it to watch your comfort show, take a spa bath or just rest and breathe, this is your sign to go block out time on your sched for hygge.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 1/3/2023