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6 simple ways to glow up your mood before school starts

You know the feeling–– just as you're finally getting used to the freedom and stress-free summer you've been dreaming of, suddenly the first day of school is right around the corner.

We've all been there before, and it stinks when you have to mentally prepare for being back in the classroom. Luckily for you, we've got some tips on how you can glow up your mood before stepping into school again.

Make a "you go girl" playlist


OK, listening to music is an obvious one here, but a curated playlist of empowering anthems is a must. Sometimes, you just need to be reminded by a music icon that you are the *moment*. (Our fave Spotify playlists, right this way!)

Bullet journal


Meet the new and improved diary. A bullet journal is, well, literally anything you want it to be! Have a fun trip planned out with your BFFs this summer? Grab some on-theme stickers and take photos for a fun collage. For our extra busy girlies who need a little scheduling help, a bullet journal is perfect for drawing out a calendar, writing motivational affirmations and color-coding each part of your day.

The point is, a bullet journal is all about you! Taking some time to move your thoughts and creativity to a fun little book you can come back to is just the way to glow up your mindset.

Go for morning walks


Studies have shown that exercise can not only improve your physical health but also your mental health—and just going for a little walk each morning can give you that boost of energy you so desperately need on those mornings when you don't really want to wake up. 

Start a crystal collection

@spirituall0ver crystals for beginners🧿📿🔮 #spiritual #crystals #witchtok #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #viral ♬ original sound - faeryb111tch

From rose quartz to tiger's eye, starting up a little crystal collection is essential to an inner glow-up. Crystals are not just aesthetic, but each one carries a  unique energetic property. From sparking up a new romantic relationship between your and your secret crush (rose quartz is your girl here) to trapping and protecting you from negative energy (look for black obsidian), crystals have got your back.

If you're not a fan of collecting stones and want a more day-to-day approach, check out these adorable crystal necklaces and rings!

Try a new hairstyle


New look, new you. A new hairstyle doesn't have to be a drastic shift––it can be as simple as trying curtain bangs or adding a little highlight to your signature hair look. Your new 'do doesn't necessarily have to come from a salon either: Thanks to YouTube and TikTok, you can try new styles from your bedroom by following tutorials or learning how to master the classic high ponytail

Plan a beach day


There's nothing that screams *summer* more than a beach day with your besties. Grab your fave bikini plus SPF and head to the beach to make some waves. Plan ahead by creating a playlist of your fave summer hits (*cough* Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift *cough*) and bring your best camera to capture all the memories you'll make under the sun. If a beach day isn't your thing, go for a pool day instead (with those same vibes in mind, ofc).

What mood booster are you trying? Let us know on Insta @girlslifemag!!

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by Annika Chaves and Mina Rahmat | 8/2/2023