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Girlhood is having its moment! Here's how to hold onto it forever

The girlhood revival is officially at its peak. What started off as trading bracelets at the Eras Tour has snowballed to dressing up for the Barbie movie, redefining girlhood with Billie Eilish's "What Was I Made For" and putting bows on *everything* from Ugg boots to Stanley cups. 

It seems like everyone is celebrating their inner child, no matter the age. But what may be another fleeting internet trend doesn't need to be fleeting in our own lives. In honor of protecting our inner child energy, here's how to hold on to it for years to come...

Getting ready together


We've all heard "girls, this is not a hair salon" one too many times from that one English teacher. But whether you and the girlies are in class or not, helping each other look our absolute best never gets old.

It's perfectly natural that braiding each other's hair during storytime turns into doing each other's makeup for homecoming, which turns into trying on each other's outfits for a girls' night out. Long story short: No matter the era of your life, getting ready together with the girls is one of the only things that stay constant. 

Late-night debriefs


From the slumber party you *begged* your mom for to the sleepover after a football game or dance, the late-night debriefs never get old. Those midnight talks with your BFFs happen to be some of the most memorable moments. 

Again, it's inevitable that these debriefs may go from feeling insecure about starting high school to having your first real heartbreak or feeling uncertain about a career path. But at the end of the day, the girls are here to catch you through it all. 

Singing drives and dance parties


If you ask us, Taylor Swift is proof that girlhood lives on through singing in the car and dance parties. From her concerts to The Eras Tour movie, generations of girls and women screamed to the same lyrics and danced their hearts out together (we're def shedding some happy tears). 

But srsly, singing and dancing are some of the best ways to hold on to girlhood by releasing that inner child energy. Brb, cueing "Never Grow Up" ASAP. 

Bathroom buddies 


A simple "can you check me?" or "does anyone have a tampon?" is more than enough to establish that initial bond between two girls.

And whether it's traveling in packs to go to the bathroom or meeting completely new friends at a social event, these bathroom buddy moments are some of the most special moments *ever*. Anything from having an intimate conversation in the stalls to giving a simple compliment to a stranger is enough to keep that girlhood energy alive!

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Slider and top image: @adigracee


by Anne Chen | 3/16/2024