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Struggling with spring cleaning? These decluttering tips might help

Spring is the perfect time of year to get your clutter under control. After all, your room is your sanctuary: If it doesn't look peaceful, it probably doesn't feel peaceful, either. 

But decluttering can be kinda a drag, especially when you don't know where to start. (Been there.) We've got some advice on how to tackle this szn's toughest cleaning challenges. 

The problem: You're feeling uninspired.

Not gonna lie, decluttering is a huge chore. So when you're feeling completely hopeless about the state of your space, it might be a good time to find some inspo. Check out @horderly and @teamufyh on IG—two accounts that are dedicated to helping you clear out your clutter in practical ways.

And remember Marie Kondo? You've probably scrolled past her show on Netflix. She's a professional decluttering expert that has dedicated her life to creating strategies that can help you stay organized. Bingeing a couple eps of Tidying Up might be the jumpstart you need to tackle the huge pile of clothes on your floor.

Don't forget about TikTok: Browse hashtags like #cleantok, #decluttering, #aestheticcleaning and #cleanmyroomwithme for major motivation. You can even make your own timelapse cleaning video!

Just be careful, since it can be easy to use TikTok and Netflix as a way to avoid decluttering. (Hiiii, fellow procrastinators!)

@hollyjai_ sunday reset with meee💗 #sundayreset #resetroutine #resetwithme #cleaningroom #bedroom #aesthetic #cleaningtiktok ♬ Valentine - Sped Up - Laufey

The problem: You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start.


Your dresser is a mess, you can't find your keys and that stack of papers piling up on your desk just keeps getting bigger.

Pick one section that you'd like to tidy up (like your closet or your desk—something that, when organized, will drastically improve your everyday life) and focus on small steps. (Think: Organize your shoes one day, put away your laundry the next.) Try not to tackle anything else until you're completely done with that area. 

The problem: You're anxious about throwing stuff away.

Maybe life's got you down, and you're just not in the mood to clean right now. Maybe you had to share every single thing with your little sis when you guys were growing up—and now that you have your own stuff, you don't want to let anything go.

If your mind is cluttered, chances are your space is, too. But how do you clear out the clutter in your mind?

Now is a great time to ask yourself some questions to get to the root of the issue. Pick up an item and ask yourself questions like, "Is this something I use often?" and "Is this something I would buy for myself today?"

For more sentimental items, ask yourself: "Will this become more precious to me over time?" and "If i moved into my dream house, would I take this item with me?" Taking the time to check in with yourself can help you figure out some big feelings that might be preventing you from getting started. 

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by Faith Green | 4/12/2024