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Babysitter...or Social Butterfly?

Hey there, fun-lovin' femmes! I'm sure right now your weekends are jam packed with sleepover parties, hangin' out with your BF or hitting the mall with your BFF. With your calendar so booked, how do you keep up your babysitting job and your social whirlwind weekends? GL’s got the answer on how you can manage your babysitting jobs with your social life!

TGIF it's been a hard week. There was that unexpected C on the science test, the goal you scored for the wrong team in gym soccer AND you tripped and fell in the cafeteria...right in front of, um, everyone. Oof. By now you're REALLY ready 'n' rarin' to go for the weekend, right? Only prob've got a babysitting gig booked on Saturday PLUS you told your girlies you'd go see the newest romcom. And, what if your crush FINALLY asks you out on a date?! Eek. What's a babysittin' babe to do?

Babysitting vs. BFFs

GETTING GIG-GY WITH IT: It's all about the dolla bills, darlin' Babysitting is an excellent way to earn fast cash. Out shopping with your gals and see a trendy top that would be perf for an upcoming party? Want to go on a girls night date for apps, dinner AND dessert? Just HAVE to see the latest flick starring your fave dreamboat? Babysitting gives you spending money so you don't  have to beg your 'rents to lend you moolah.

BALANCING ACT: Yeah, you may have to give up a few nights with your girls to earn dough. How to deal? Make plans in advance. Got a gig on Saturday night? Make a Sunday brunch date with your chicas. You'll REALLY be able to enjoy that French toast when you think about how hard you worked for it.

Babysitting vs. Boys

GETTING GIG-GY WITH IT: Here's the sitch: It's Saturday night and Colin, your #1 crush FOR-ever just called you up to come see his band practice. But you told your client Mrs. McCall that'd you'd watch her five little guys tonight. Eek! You've been dreaming of hangin' with Colin for sooo long but you don't wanna cancel last min. How do you deal?

BALANCING ACT: Girl, take the job. Yeah, it totally stinks that your dream dude asked ya out on a night that you're busy. But just tell him what's up...and reschedule while you have him on the phone. Something along the lines of, "I'd love to come, but I'm booked with a babysitting gig tonight. How about we grab a burger at the diner tomorrow?" If you're still a li'l shy around him invite him to a group outing, like meeting up at the mall. Either way, he'll be impressed that you're making your own moolah. News flash: it's super cool to show a dude that you have your own life and won't drop everything to be with him.

Babysitting BONUS

Since babysitting shows mom and pops just how responsible you are, you're gonna get sooo much more social freedom. Helloooo, extended curfew that you've been begging for. And that Saturday night sleepover they keep denying you? Keep up the hard work and it looks like the all-night horror flick fest you've been hoping for is in your near future. If they won't even let you date yet, this is a perf opportunity to show mom and dad that their li'l girl is growing up.

And remember, babe, it's fine to take a babysitting break once in a while. Babysitting Friday AND Saturday night for a few weekends can be a total bummer, so don't be afraid to give yourself a kid-free weekend every once in a while. 

BLOG IT OUT, babysitting babes. How do you handle friends, fam, babysitting AND a BF or crush? Tell us your tried 'n' true balancing tactics RIGHT HERE.


by Jackie Evens & Cait Rohan | 2/1/2016