A study playlist for every homework vibe


School is starting up again, and that means we'll soon be back in the world of homework, tests and projects (sigh). But if there's one thing that makes doing homework more enjoyable, it's *def* listening to music. It gives you a good beat to work to and can also help with concentration. If you don't already have your own study music, we have four playlists for *every* study mood to get you through the school year.

The staple: Chill Homework Vibes

This is your go-to homework playlist if you can listen to lyrics without getting too distracted. These mellow, soft pop beats are the perf background music for doing some light homework or studying with friends. 

For the long days: Getting Stuff Done

This is Chill Homework Vibes' high energy sister. If you have sports practice after school, tons of homework *and* a messy room your mom has been bugging you about for the past week, this playlist will help you through all of that and more. These upbeat bops will have you speeding through your math homework in *no* time.

For the easily distracted: Instrumental Study

Sometimes lyrics can make you focus more on the music than the assignment you're working on, so instrumental music is ideal for activities that require your full attention, like writing an essay for English class. This playlist has some classical favorites and songs from movie scores for an uber focused and relaxed vibe.

For the procrastinator: Late Night Cram

Got a test tomorrow that you forgot to study for? A project your teacher gave you two weeks to do, but you never *quite* got around to? This is your ultimate "I procrastinated and really need to do work ASAP" playlist. It's a mix of EDM instrumentals and, yes, video game music (because it's designed to help you focus!) that's high energy enough to keep you going until you *finally* get that assignment done and over with.

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by Erin Jeon | 8/12/2021