6 school supplies to upgrade your next note-taking sesh

Let's be real—taking notes isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world. Sure, it can be oh-so-easy to just trade in your history textbook for a movie marathon, but don't get out your popcorn just yet. As tedious as note-taking can be, aesthetic school supplies can make *all* the difference. If you're looking to revamp a dull page of notes, and have a blast in the process, we've got you covered!

Bubble Tea Pencil Case

Amazon, $9.88

What better way to carry all of your supplies than with the most adorable case on the market? Not only is this pencil pouch bubble tea-themed (because we're always looking for an excuse to treat ourselves to boba!), but it's also incredibly sturdy and practical.

Cat Stickers

Amazon, $4.99

A page of notes can easily get jumbled by a clunky trig equation or a physics diagram. Our go-to remedy? Stickers. (Psst: This set of cat stickers is absolutely *purr-fect!*)

Spring Flowers Washi Tape Set

Amazon, $6.99

Adorned with whimsical water lilies, relaxing patterns of greenery, and other spring scenes, these rolls of washi tape give the absolute *best* vibes. They're superb for adding headings, borders, and banners to your notes.

Scented Topper Erasers

OOLY, $2.99

Misspelling a word or jotting down the wrong math formula can be *so* frustrating. (Don't worry, we've all been there!) With a stash of scented strawberry erasers, though, making mistakes just might be a little more fun than usual.

Mini Message and Label Stickers

Amazon, $8.49

Ever wanted to jot down a quick keyword or definition? Say goodbye to boring yellow sticky notes and hello to the prettiest set of mini stickers *ever.*

Pastel Highlighters

Amazon, $6.99 

Adding a bright pop of color to a page of notes is a game-changer. Trust us: These dual-tip highlighters, complete with a dreamy pastel color palette, will be your new BFF.

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by Zoe Yu | 9/30/2021