11 simple study hacks to make it through midterms

It's almost midterms week, and you've *never* felt more stressed. Even though you made a beautifully color-coded study sched a month ago, your tests still managed to sneak up on you. Not to worry; even if you have to learn 200 years of American history in just a couple of days, we're here for you with 11 study hacks to help you get through exam szn. 

1. Watch studying content  

Not ready to get off social media to start your study sesh? Try checking out StudyTube or Studygram creators instead. They'll def motivate you to crack open your books with their aesthetic Study With Me videos. 

2. Listen to music

There's no better way to focus than tuning out the world with some relaxing tracks. For best results, we recommend genres without lyrics like lo-fi and classical. 

3. Focus on topics you don't understand 

We know it's tough, but the only way to ace your test is to understand everything (and, yes, even that complicated formula with way too many symbols). Look back on your HW and pick out the problems you struggled with. Make sure you understand how to do it correctly so you don't repeat the same mistakes on your exam.

4. Change your environment  

If you're tired of staying in your room, try out a new study spot by going to a cafe or library. Not only will you be motivated by everyone else studying around you—it's also a chance to reward yourself with a delish drink!  

5. Prep study snacks 

Your brain's already working super hard, so make sure you have food on hand to keep energized. Munch on healthy snacks like almonds, fruit and dark chocolate to improve your concentration.  

6. Take mindful breaks

This is your sign to swap the scrolling for mindful practices. According to loads of studies, focusing on breathing has *tons* of benefits (like boosting concentration levels). Whether you opt for a quick yoga sesh or a meditation, you'll feel a million times more focused when you get back to those books. 

7. Set SMART goals

The best way to achieve your study goals? Make 'em SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). Whip out those colored gel pens and a notebook to make your goals achievable *and* aesthetically pleasing. 

8. Try spaced repetition 

Spaced repetition is an amaze way to ensure you're actually remembering what you're studying. When going over flashcards, make sure to focus on the harder or newer terms more than the easier terms that you're getting right. In essence, focus on what you're more likely to get wrong, but space it out to ensure you're retaining the info. 

9. Become the teacher

Sometimes the best way to drill new info into your brain is to become the teacher yourself. FT a friend to explain certain concepts, chat with a parent or sib...or even lecture your pet! This way, you'll be sure to notice what units or ideas you're an expert on and which ones you may need to revisit.

10. Use a memory palace

In case you were wondering, no—a memory palace isn't a literal place. But it *is* like a palace in your brain. Let us explain: Visualizing familiar environments can be easier than trying to remember random facts, so using a memory palace can work wonders when you're swamped with confusing info to memorize. When you need to remember info, view your brain as a space that you're "walking" through, with everything you need to know paired with images throughout your mental walk. Trust us, you'll notice a giant improvement in your memory.   

11. Make procrastination your ally 

Ahh procrastination...everyone's biggest nightmare during midterms week. But, plot twist: it doesn't have to be. When you feel yourself wanting to procrastinate after hours of textbook reading, that may be a sign that it's time to switch to doing something easier or a little more fun (think: playing a matching game with the easier flashcards). It's all about building momentum, because as soon as you're done with that fun task, you'll feel refreshed and ready to get back to the grind.  

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by Cathy Li and Eva Mandelbaum | 2/16/2023