Here's why studying abroad in high school will *totally* change your life (and how to WIN a scholarship to do it next school year)

Ambitious girlies: Listen up! 

Sure, making the most out of high school could mean trying out for the school play, signing up for another AP class or redecorating your locker...or you could do all that PLUS make lifelong friends from all over the globe who are as motivated and dedicated as you are, try out exciting extracurriculars and, hey, even live your best academia aesthetic in a whole new country.  

Sounds like a dream? St. Michaels University School in Victoria, BC, Canada is the place to make it happen—and, with their Best School Year Ever contest, you could win a scholarship to study abroad at this amaze boarding school for the 2024-25 school year.

Ready for your brand-new boarding school life? OK, jetsetter, we see you.
Just enter HERE by December 1, 2023 for a chance to score your scholarship and kickstart your Best Year Ever!

If an opportunity to snag an awesome scholarship wasn't enough to convince you, we've rounded up four reasons why study abroad is an unforgettable (and frankly unmissable!) high school experience.

1. You'll glow up your college app.

Move over, Rory Gilmore: You're entering your "study hard, play hard" era. St. Michaels has one of the best academic programs in Canada—and when you're a student there, you'll be able to take advantage of all their high-level class offerings, get to know amaze teachers who truly care about your success plus try out-of-the-box subjects like community service and outdoor education. 

And it def doesn't hurt to have study abroad (especially at a globally-recognized school) on your résumé when you start crafting your college apps...

2. You'll make *tons* of new friends from around the world. 

Let's face it: It's not often that you get to be in the same room as people who grew up in a completely different state, country or culture. But when you're studying abroad at St Michaels, that's your everyday—students at the school hail from over 25 countries. 

And with evenings and weekends packed with fun events like beach trips, sports practices and movie nights, there's no shortage of break-the-ice bonding opportunities for you and your newfound crew. 

3. You'll explore a whole new city.

When you're not learning in the classroom, you can live your main character moment outside of it. St. Michaels has the best of both worlds: The campus is perfectly positioned in a quiet neighborhood but a short walk gets you on city streets with lots of life and adventure. Before long, you'll have already picked out your fave cozy corner café.

You might typically think of cold temps and snowstorms when you think of Canada, but Victoria is actually known for its sunny skies and perfect "not too hot, not too cold" temps...perfect for hiking trips, bike rides and even kayaking. Better pack your sunnies! 

4. You'll become more independent—and transform yourself along the way.

Study abroad = so. much. freedom. (In a good way, ofc.) 

From making mood boards for your adorable dorm room with your roommate to choosing how you spend your after-class hours (Library to get ahead on your reading list? Fitness center for a sweat sesh? Dining hall to catch up with the besties?), at St. Michaels you'll have the chance to tap into your authentic interests, likes, dislikes and passions—kind of magical, tbh. Psst: You're going to love the independent, confident gal you become. 

Enter HERE by December 1 to WIN your scholarship to St. Michaels University School and kickstart your Best Year Ever!


by GL | 11/17/2023