Study tips to help you have a Rory Gilmore semester

As exciting as the start of warm weather, prom szn and spring break sounds, the mid-semester slump is hitting hard. (For real, getting yourself out of a rut and into the groove of schoolwork is difficult when your warm and cozy bed just seems soooo tempting.)

We've all dreamed about what it would be like to be as motivated and ambitious as Rory Gilmore, and tbh, we're wondering how she got out of that slump at Chilton to get into Yale. Looking for ways to channel your inner Rory this semester? DW, you're about to tackle studying and schoolwork like a pro.

Create a study environment

Finding a study spot is essential to completing your homework and staying focused. Whether this is your bedroom, desk, the library or a cutesy new coffee shop, find a space where you can *actually* work with zero distractions (we know, it's hard to stay off of Pinterest and IG).

If you need motivation to pick up those dull textbooks, you can spice up your school needs by snagging some cute supplies to help you stay focused (and live out your true Gilmore Girls era).

Try new study techniques

While studying for hours and hours seems like a totally Rory move, this can get boring and leave you feeling, well, burned out. Instead of studying in bulk, try using the Pomodoro technique to allow yourself brain breaks in between studying time.

Psst: You can even make every break your time to get a sweet treat if you want to stay even more motivated (because who doesn't love a reward in the form of chocolate?).

Set personal and academic goals

Organizing your goals into different categories can help keep you motivated throughout the semester. Rory's goal? Get into an Ivy League school.

Are you hoping to make the honor roll? Score your goal GPA? Make it into that AP class for the fall? Make the lacrosse team? Write down your goals and keep them handy throughout the semester (make them your phone lock screen, jot them in your journal or put a Post-it note on your bathroom mirror). Why? To have them there to look back on when you're feeling slumped.

Don't procrastinate!

We know it's hard to start your work when you want to watch just oneee more episode. Procrastinating is only going to make you more stressed—especially when the spring consists of all your after-school clubs, sports practice, prom dress hunting *and* making time for self-care. 

Set a schedule for yourself of exactly when you're going to do assignments—and stick to it! If you have a project due Monday and no homework on the Thursday before, set aside time to start or even complete that assignment. That way, when your besties plan a super cute Sunday brunch, your English essay is already out of the way.

Happy studying!

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by Sophie LaBella | 2/26/2024