8 creative spots to take graduation pics

You have your dress, you have your cap and gown and you just about have your diploma, but you're still searching for the perfect photo spot. Here are a few creative places to take your graduation pics. Say cheese!

1. Your school(s)

While this one is ~kinda~ obvious, we aren't talking about just your high school: Throw it back to middle school and maybe even elementary school to take your senior pics. 

2. The park

Who doesn't love a good nature pic? Take to the nearest park, grab your besties and toss your caps into the air for a perfect photo.

3. Your sports

Whether you're a cheerleader, softball pitcher or soccer goalie, sports in high school can play such a big part in your life. Go to your field, court or mat to snap your pics. We recommend bringing not just your cap and gown for this one—but also a prop from your sport!

4. Your fave local spots

College is just around the corner, and you might be moving out of the area. You can't graduate without saying goodbye to your fave spots. Meet up with your besties at your go-to restaurant, walking spot or anything else that makes your town special!

5. Your home(s)


Can you count how many times you and your friends have hung out at each other's homes? Probs not. This makes your home (and their homes!) great spots to take grad pics. Take candid photos of you all hanging out and doing some of your fave things together. 

6. The city

Whether you live near a big city or a smaller town, take a day trip for your photo shoot (and grab a bite to eat while you're at it).

7. A hike

This one takes some time but definitely pays off! Put on your hiking shoes and trek to a beautiful overlook. Bonus points if you can capture more nature shots on the way up.

8. Your future school

If you are someone who is staying relatively nearby, your future school is another great spot to take grad pics. While you may not be a student there just yet, that school holds your future!

Top and slider image: @london.lene


by Katherine Mahoney | 5/23/2024