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Moody eyeshadow looks to rock this Scorpio szn

This Scorpio szn, we're leaning into allll the mysterious, deep vibes as our water sign besties celebrate their birthdays.

Their passionate, artsy energy translates so well to colorful eye makeup looks. (The fuchsia and emerald tones of the tourmaline October birthstone and the deep orange tones of the topaz November birthstone also make gorg shadow hues.) Not to mention that fall and winter is the perfect time to experiment with some moody designs. We've got all the inspo...

Brown glittery smoky eye

This glittery smoky eye is a great way to dip your toe into bolder eyeshadow looks. (The warm brown shade is also reminiscent of the iconic topaz birthstone for November Scorps.)

Start by blending a matte, warm brown in your crease with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Then, go in with a darker matte brown and pack it on the lid with a flat eyeshadow brush. Bring the color down to your lower lash line. Finish it off with a glittery brown shade in the middle of your lid, and you're ready to slay this szn. 


Bold green shadow with a brown liner

If you're an October Scorpio, what better way to show off your sign than with the green shade of your tourmaline birthstone?

Line your lids with a brown matte shadow, placing some in your inner crease, too. This way, you have a clear area laid out before you apply your matte pastel green shadow to the rest of your lid. Once both colors are applied, you can go back in with a darker brown closer to your lash line to add some dimension. (Pro tip: Blending the first brown shade into the green will help the lines look less harsh.)


Blue and gray glitter smoked liner

If you're looking to embrace the water-sign energy this Scorpio szn, this blue and gray eyeshadow look is perfect.

Use a pencil liner on your lid, and start blending it out with a dark blue and gray shadow in the inner and outer corners (and on the lower lash line!). The key is to use an angled eyeliner brush and start slow—it's easier to add more shadow than remove it. Once the blend looks smooth, go in with a dark, glittery blue shade to achieve this iridescent, smoked-out liner effect.


Matte orange shadow with a defined crease

For all the November Scorpios out there, this matte orange shadow is the perfect way to embrace the topaz birthstone vibes. 

Use a matte brown shade in the crease and on the lower lash line with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Next, apply a matte orange shade to your lid and continue to blend it with the matte brown. Adding a darker brown on the outer corner will help give some dimension to the look.


Pink cut crease and bold liner

This pink look is the perfect tourmaline-inspired moment for all the October Scorpios. The cut crease in this gives a (literal) edge to the bright pink that makes it *so* scream Scorpio. 

Start with the darker pink in the crease, and then take a flat eyeshadow brush and concealer to carve out space for the lighter pink. Then, set the concealer with some powder and apply the lighter pink on top. Finally, use a bright white shadow in the inner corner and apply a winged eyeliner look.


Silver graphic liner look

If you're looking for the moodiest possible Scorpio szn look, this silver sparkle liner is the perfect way to go. It'll bring out your eye color in the best way. 

Use a sparkly silver liner in the inner corner, then line your lid with a lighter black. Add some dimension with a darker black in the innermost part of the upper lash line. Make sure to go back in with some silver so it doesn't get overshadowed, then mascara will finish off the look perfectly.


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Top image: @beautybypeach
Slider image: @florencelucky


by Madelyn Willoughby | 11/15/2023