10 Essential Summer Beauty Tips!

Yay! Warm weather means days by the pool and late nights hanging out with your crew.
Now’s the time to power down your beauty routine and test out our laid-back advice. Keep reading for ways to stay pretty and cool this vacay.
1. One word: Sunscreen! Use it, reapply it and learn to love it because it’ll keep your skin looking fresh now and for the years to come.

2. Outside 24/7? Make sure to deep condition locks once a week. Awesome fact? Drugstore conditioners are perf for this ‘cause they are extra emollient.

3. Opt for powder-based makeup instead of creams, so they won’t melt and run away in the heat. Mineral powders are amazing in scorching weather.

4. Now’s the time to lighten up. Switch dark hues for vibrant colors, like electric blue and sunny yellow. Bright shades feel summery, and they also give your bod an extra glow.

5. If you’re feeling greasy midday, swipe a mild toner over your face. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen!

6. Want a new lip hue, like, now? Bright peaches and corals are ultra gorgeous. Keep the rest of your look low-key by ditching liner and sweeping on some bronze eye shadow.

7. Keep hydrated. Drinking water will not only make you feel better, but will keep your skin looking amazing.

8. If you’re going on vacay, pop cleansing wipes in your bag. They won’t slow you down at airport security and they are perf for your beach bag.

9. Keep hair products to a minimum. If you’re running around or sweating, they might get into your face. It’s icky and can make your skin breakout.

10. Swapping your normal soap for a minty one will keep you a li’l cooler after your shower. So cool.


by Abby Cheney | 2/1/2016
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