The Buddy Snatcher

You and your BFF always cringed when Nikki dissed the other girls. But last week, there was your bestie, sitting with Nikki at the mall, chatting up a storm and sharin’ cheese fries! Before you can blink, they’re having sleepovers, texting 24/7 and leaving you out. Do you fight to stay tight or let your BFF go to the dark side? It depends, friend.…

Sure, it’s strange that your bud went from dissing to suddenly singing her praises. But before you assume the worst, think about why your BFF might be hanging out with her. The two of them may have some things in common, bringing them closer together. Are they both going to be on swim team this summer?

Take time to analyze what’s really going on. It’ll help you think through this sitch with a crystal clear head, so the next step you take will be the right one.

You assumed that you and your bud were solid. But she may have been drifting away even before Nikki entered the picture. Have you been planning all your outings and sleepovers lately? Are you the one who’s always calling her?

To gauge the sitch, quit dialing her digits. If your cell stays silent after three days, touch base and see if there’s any awkwardness: Does she sound distant or happy to hear from you, saying she’s just busy? How she responds will clue you in to how much she cares about the friendship and help you decide whether or not it’s worth keeping.

Before you completely stress over their budding bond, consider turning this newly formed duet into a trio. Invite them both to hang out. Be friendly but aware. Does Nikki act like she digs having you around, or is she giving you digs instead? Is your BFF blowing you off?

Hopefully, the three of you can get along just fine. But if you’re disrespected or left out, end the get-together—and distance yourself from this new terrible twosome. Two against one is so not fun, and you don’t have to put up with it.

It’s a fact, people can change without warning. So if your bud abruptly decides to hang with Nikki and not you, don’t torture yourself over what went wrong. Instead, be grateful for the good times you had. Stay cordial, but allow your friendship to drift—you can live life minus her! Get busy meeting new people, anywhere and everywhere. Just be sure your new pals are worthy of being your bud. After all, an amazing girl like you doesn’t come along every day.


by Lisa Mulcahy | 2/1/2016