WE TRIED IT! Playtex Sport Tampons

Leaks are bad...whether you're outing your BFF's crush, hemoraging motor oil from your hoopty, or drooling profusely after a trip to the dentist.
But, here's some good news, ladies: I have found the solution to at least one very common leak!
Drumroll, please...
Enter PLAYTEX SPORT! Possibly the most amazing tampon on the planet. Sure, it may seem silly to get all psyched over a "feminine protection" product. But I love these things, from the preppy pink-and-green box to the positive quotes ("Shake Your Moneymaker" ... "At Least You Can Still Go Swimming" ... What's HIS Excuse?") on the wrappers.
For two months now, these tampons have made my mid-period trips to the gym totally trauma-free! (Well, except for that evil kickboxing teacher.) I can vouch: That "360-degree design" the manufacturer hypes on the box really rocks!
p.s. Before you, this is NOT an ad. But, if the peeps from Playtex happen to read it and send a lifetime supply for my G-Blog girls and me, I won't complain, LOL. =)
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by Jessica B. | 2/1/2016