Fake Smile - An original poem

Hey babes! Here’s an original poem written by GL reader Olivia T. When she wrote this poem, she was having a tough time of it, but she’s happy to say she’s doing much better now. Leave your critiques in the comments, lovelies!

Fake Smile

What's happiness, anyway?
You used to know,
But now it's just a memory,
Fading into the snow.

Your family always fights,
Can't hear your own thoughts,
Yet they scream so loudly,
Losing everything that you've got.

Your mind is your worst enemy,
Yelling at you to end it all,
And no one even sees,
That you've broken into pieces.
And you've completely forgotten,
How to really smile,
You pretend and they believe,
But life is one big trial.

Still you keep on going,
With nothing but a fake smile,
And the wind keeps on blowing,
As you keep on pretending.

You don't even know what happiness is, anyway.

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by GL reader | 2/1/2016