First day freak-out fix-its

It’s that time of year again—time for going back to school. This could mean returning to a school you went to last year or staking out all-new territory, like middle or high school. Yikes! What if your teachers are mean? What if you get too much homework? Don’t worry! We’ve got all the answers right here.

What if I get lost?

Chances are your school holds an orientation for new students before the first day of classes. That’s usually a great time to walk around with a returning student to see where all your classes are. If there isn’t an orientation, print off a map of the building, grab a bestie (or Mom or Dad) and mark out the best route to your classrooms solo. Take that map with ya on the first day and stash it in your locker or a handy notebook. Still worried about losing your way? Simply pop your head into a classroom and ask a teacher for directions.
What if I forget my locker combo?
When you get your locker combo, jot it down on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere super safe, like the side pocket of your backpack. Also, write it down a zillion times so you won’t forget it. Or, save it on your phone under a title like “Nana’s Birthday: 12-54-09.” Make up a saying like “Every 12 weeks I bake 54 pies for cats with 9 eyes.” Ridiculous much? Totally. But you’ll end up having an easier time remembering it.
There’s a teacher in my grade that everyone says is super tough and scary.                  
Usually when you hear a rumor about a teacher who assigns crazy amounts of homework or is super mean is most likely just that: a rumor told by older students to scare the younger ones. Keep in mind that your teacher is just a person. Everyone has different impressions of each other. Walk into class with an open mind. And if your teacher turns out to be as bad as everyone says he or she is? Don’t focus on them. Instead, focus on learning the material and acing the class.
What if I don’t have any friends in my classes?
You and your besties compared schedules the minute you got them, only to find you have zero classes together. Now, you have to face first-day classes alone. But, don’t worry, babe. Other girls are probably in the same stitch you are. Look for chicas sitting alone and walk up to them with a friendly, “Hi! I’m Christine. What’s your name?” Who knows? You could make a new bestie. Wanna make yourself noticed and seem approachable? Participate in class discussions.
I’m in all honors courses and I’m worried about drowning in homework.
Mastering your homework load is all about staying organized and managing your time well. The second teach assigns your HW, jot it down in your planner and make a list of all the things you need to bring home with you—textbooks, notebooks, folders, you get the idea. Set aside a period of time after school to get your homework done, and clear a quiet space for when you’ve gotta get down to business. Do your best not to procrastinate, and you’ll be just fine!


What are you worried about the most, babes?

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by Kelly Myslinski | 2/1/2016