10 good deeds to remember September 11th

September 11 is a tough day for many, but you can help create a brighter future by giving back to your community this year. Besides recognizing the national moment of silence, this is the year to do something good for America. In honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, get your friends and family together to take action.

Join the 911 Tribute Movement

Join celebs like Lady Gaga and pledge what you will do to honor 9/11 victims. It can be anything from volunteering at a soup kitchen to lighting a candle in remembrance. Your pledge will join thousands of others on a virtual “Tribute Quilt.” Check out the quilt now to get ideas on how you can help!

Volunteer locally

Not sure exactly how to help on 9/11? Click here and enter your zip code to find groups already volunteering in your area. Join one with your girls to really give back to your community.

Spread the word

Let everyone in your social circle know how you’re commemorating 9/11 by tweeting. Share your efforts with #911day and #IWill to get it trending. Also, follow @servedotgov for updates.

Participate in a 5K

Many organizations are holding 5Ks, walks and runs in honor of 9/11. The biggest ones are in New York and Washington, D.C., but 911 Heroes Run is hosting runs all over the country. Visit to find one near you.

Get artsy

Want to get creative with your 9/11 tribute? Decorate an envelope with any art supplies, such as paint, colored pencils, or collage, and send it to Remember September P.O. Box 793 Katonah, NY 10536. They will join an online collection of hundreds of envelopes sent over the years.

Reach out to soldiers

Plenty of troops are still fighting in different countries, and some haven’t been home in years! Show our soldiers you care by sending letters or care packages. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money: soldiers say a simple letter telling them about daily life here will make them happy. Go to for more details.

Tell your story

Did 9/11 really impact you? Do you want to talk about what you’ve done to remember and how it makes you feel? Share your story here. This will join an archive of thousands of personal stories, photos, and videos. It is definitely something special to be a part of.

Make America beautiful

Many communities are hosting clean-ups of local parks on 9/11, but even if yours isn’t, you can still do your part in keeping our country beautiful. Get a big group to walk around and pick up trash and recyclables. Besides doing good for the environment, you get to hang out with your friends all day!

Visit a memorial

To get a real feel of 9/11, ask Mom and Dad to go visit one of the memorials that are now open in New York, Pennsylvania and Arlington, VA. It may be a stretch to get there, but it’s really worth it to learn and remember the tragic day. If you can’t, see if your community is offering a commemorative service. It’s a great bonding experience.

Keep on giving

Don’t let 9/11 be the only day you give back to your community. The 911 Tribute Movement also has a causes section so you can get involved with something you’re passionate about! Whether it be animals or building homes, there’s something every girl can make a difference with.


by Rachel Nugent | 2/1/2016