100 awesome things to do this school year

Slip on your stellar back-to-school duds, grab your backpack (and your bestie) and get ready to make this school year your best one yet. From great grades to fab first dates, cool weekend ideas and cafeteria funnies, we've got 100 ideas--uh huh, 100--to take this school year from average to A+, no extra credit work necessary.
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    New year, new you! Write down your back to school rezzie and compare with your BFFs.
    Hola, chica. Practice your language skills outside of class with your friends…or a foreign exchange student.
    Take younger students under your wing and pay it forward.

    >> We <3 vintage. Go BTS shopping at a local thrift store.  
    Grab some props and have a photo shoot. Floppy hats, sunglasses and paper mustaches are a must.
    Go digital with apps that’ll help ya out with school. Think homework helpers, planners, dictionaries and more.
    Not interested in any of the clubs at school? Grab some friends and start a new one.
    Go vegetarian for a day.
    Makeover! Play beauty parlor with your friends with the latest issue of GL. Try out runway and celeb trends and adjust for a perf school-appropriate look.

    Mimic your fashion icon with a celeb- or real girl- inspired outfit.

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    Throw a back to school bash (no homework allowed).

    Try out for the school play. Not into acting? Try your hand at stage crew.

    Wear a brightly colored eyeliner.
    Get out of your comfort zone by trying out for an extracurricular activity.
    Make back to school cash by babysitting with your BFF.
    Practice a fancy new signature with your fave pen.
    >> Pick up a new instrument in music class and give it a try.
    Make room in your closet for fresh fall picks with a yard sale. Donate whatever you don’t sell.
    Dress up old outfits with colorful belts, pins and jackets.

    Send BTS e-cards to your friends.

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    Compare celebrity crushes at lunch with your besties.

    Get creative and make colorful new covers for your textbooks.

    De-stress with a long bath after school.  Bubbles required. Rubber duck optional (but recommended).
    Have a dance party in your bedroom.
    Start a game of kickball after school and ask your crush to be on your team.
    Practice dancing with your besties before the next school dance and be ready to whip out some Beyonce-brilliant moves.
    Create a secret language between you and your friends.Try out new buzzwords (like Gretchen's "fetch" in Mean Girls) or codes for your notes.
    Whip up a new after-school fruit smoothie. Delish.
    Be the talk of the game with a homemade school spirit t-shirt. You’ll need a plain white tee and fabric markers in your school’s colors.

    >> Start a blog.

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    Make a list of superlatives and hand them out to friends like at an award ceremony. 
    Help that cute guy brush up on his math skills by become a tutor. 1 + 1 = new BF?
    Play touch football. Color coordinate with team colors (and dare we suggest matching manis?).
    Volunteer to do the morning announcements.
    >> Decorate your locker with pics of you and your BFFs.

    Schedule a library date with friends to catch up on school and each other.

    Do 100 crunches.
    Mail a letter to your friends from camp.
    Make new friends by sitting at a different lunch table.

    Get wild with an animal print top.

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    Make a “do not disturb while studying” sign for your bedroom door.
    Try a funky new ‘do. Braided bun? Hair chalk?
    Make it a potluck day in the caf and share lunches with your BFFs.
    >> Knit a fall scarf to stay warm in the halls.
    Make a BTS playlist. Play it in the mornings to get you pumped up while you get ready.
    Redecorate your room to reflect your new school style.
    Rehearse a secret handshake for you and your BFF to do in the halls.
    Stargaze before it gets too chilly.
    Stock an emergency kit for your locker. Mints, deodorant, hair ties, safety pins, tampons, lip gloss and extra pens and pencils are all a must. 
    Make anonymous posters congratulating classmates on achievements big and small.
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    Get a co-ed group together for laser tag.

    Put on an apron and try a new recipe.

    Talk to that hottie!
    Get out some paper and pencils and sketch your dream homecoming dress. Got a sewing machine? Make it!
    Want to be the next class president? Try your luck at politics by running for student government.
    Have a picnic at the park while the weather is still nice.
    Grab your BFF and make friendship bracelets with some eye-catching beads.
    Ace the pull-up bar this year by working those muscles. Hit the gym with a bud, or work your way up from 10 to 50 pushups.
    >> Impress your peers by baking cupcakes for your class. Frost them in school colors for spirit week, or get permission to set up a frost-your-own-cupcake bar on a half day. Yum!
    Jazz up a plain t-shirt with tie-dye.
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    Make it a ladies’ night and go to the school dance with your BFFs.

    >> Be the first to raise your hand in class.
    Pass around a doodle book to share artwork with friends.
    Get up early one Sunday morning and make a huge brunch spread for your fam.
    Bake cookies for your BFFs birthday. Bring them to the caf for a lunchtime birthday bash. Don’t forget to sing happy birthday!
    Get CPR certified.
    Add a new element to your brown bag lunch each week. Quinoa salad? Check!
    Start a donation center at school for old clothes, shoes, books or toys.
    Use a different colored pen or highlighter for every class.
    Can’t focus on that homework assignment? Take a break and do 50 jumping jacks.
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    Make your own trail mix and bring it to lunch.
    Decorate your school schedule. Use highlighters, markers and plenty of color.
    >> Score a perfect 100 on a test.
    Sleep in on Saturday. You deserve it!
    Give yourself a boost by wearing wedges to class.
    Glue old knickknacks to magnets and glam up your locker.
    Hit the dollar store for fab bargain school supplies.
    Get your 15 minutes of fame by trying out for the talent show.
    Dress up old sneaks with fab new laces.

    Visit an animal shelter after school and sign up to volunteer. Taking care of animals = instant stress buster.

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    Get chatty with a new friend on the school bus.
    Take an exercise class that intimidates you, like cycling or belly dancing. If you hate it, ya don't have to take it again. But if you love it, hello amazing new way to get in a sweat sesh!
    >> Make a list of books to read by the end of the semester...and read them!
    Volunteer to be team captain (or goalie!) in gym class.
    Have a weekend Twilight marathon with your bestie to prep for the upcoming movie release.
    Plan a party for something dorky, silly or adorable, like a birthday party for your local zoo's new panda, a congrats party for your bestie's 10th perfect vocab test score or a make-a-wish party on 11/11.
    At lunch, come up with cute code names for your chicas…and their crushes.
    Bling out your folders with glitter glue and gemstones.
    Shake up your weekend with go-karts and sundaes.

    Write a short story starring you and your BFF.

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    Study party! Organize a game of Jeopardy to help you and your besties study before a big test.
    Channel your inner rockstar and get your besties together to shoot a music vid.
    Sign up for a self-defense class.
    >> De-stress with some karaoke.

    Frame your favorite piece of artwork and keep it in your room.

    Swap your fave books with a friend and get together to discuss the character drama.
    Challenge your crush to a foot race after school.
    Volunteer with your friends on the weekend. Soup kitchens always need helping hands.
    Organize a clothing exchange.

    Rock glitter nail polish on your finger and toenails.  Show off the glam pedi with open-toed shoes while ya can.

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by Lauren Izquierdo | 2/1/2016