10 things to tell your dad anytime (but why not now?)

So we helped you on what to say to mom, but how could we forget about dad? After all, he is the most important guy in your life! June 16th is his day, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until then to tell him these 10 appreciative, sweet-filled things.

“I’m a lucky girl.”

Not everyone has a guy in their life that they can call dad, so make sure you let your dad know how fortunate you really are for him and all the perks that come along with being his little girl.

“Thanks big guy.”

Your dad does a lot. Make sure you show those good manners and appreciation by saying thanks every now and again. It will show him he raised a polite young woman and also a grateful one—two wonderful qualities that’ll make him proud.

 “So there’s this guy…”

Even though it may be awkward at first, it’s okay to tell your dad about your love life. In fact, he secretly really wants to know! Fill him in. He’ll appreciate your honesty and openness. Plus, he can give you quality advice because after all—who better to know guys than a guy, right?

“Let’s watch the game together!”

Sure it might not be your cup of tea, but most dads enjoy watching sports, so why not do something that he likes with him? It’ll be a great bonding activity and you’ll get to learn more about sports if you don’t know that much to begin with. Who knows? You might even become a fan. Go Lakers!

“What do you think about this outfit?”

When’s the last time you went to dad for fashion advice? Well maybe you should start! He’ll give you a fresh viewpoint and also a guy’s perspective. He can also let you know if what you’re wearing is appropriate or not. Remember to keep the shorts not too short. We don’t want to give the man a heart attack!

“Sit back and relax”

After a long day of work, dads enjoy a little quite time and some good food. Try treating your dad to a nice, home-cooked dinner or give him some alone time on the couch. So no bothering him with a list of things he has to do or asking for something, give him a breather ladies!

“I still need you.”

Believe it or not, dads want you to need them. As you get older and more independent they want to still know that you’re still a daddy’s girl. So let him know! Besides, who’s going to squash the huge bug on your ceiling?

“Do you like this?”

Getting presents for dads is always a little tricky. A great way to find out what he’d like is to ask him! The next time you’re flipping through a magazine, point at a shirt or tie and listen to what he says. He might just drop a hint to the next gift he’d like to receive.

“These are called ‘scrunchies’”

A great way to bond is to teach someone about things you know. So try explaining to your dad all the crazy utensils we girls use when getting ready. It’ll be a funny experience to see your dad struggle to understand the concept of Nair and it will also bring you guys a little closer.

“I love you.”

And finally, what’s more important than these three little words. Mom loves to hear it and so does dad. Sure, he already knows, but hearing it makes the parenting experience even sweeter. Say it at least once a day, it’s not hard or time consuming!


by Camille Moore | 2/1/2016
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