15 things to do before summer ends

We don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but summer is quickly on its way out. The days are getting shorter, and whether we’d like to admit it or not, school is approaching. Whether you’re excited for the fall or not, do your best to enjoy that last bit of summer! We’ve got some awesome suggestions to help ya out.

Take tons of photos of you and your friends enjoying the weather – you’ll want to capture these memories.

Take an outdoor yoga class – enjoy the weather and breath in the fresh air. Ahh…

Try every type of summer fruit that exists – you’ll have to wait an entire year before ya get it again.

Explore somewhere new – this could be another neighborhood, or the woods behind your house.

Grab a hula-hoop and circle your way into shape – nothing screams summer more than fun, hipster activities.

Have a clothing swap – exchange clothes with your friends for a new back-to-school wardrobe.

Go to an amusement park – enjoy the rush you get from the upside down roller coasters and the super high drops.

Do volunteer work – use your spare summer time to do some good. Trust us, you’ll feel great afterwards.

Read a book – start preparing your brain for school, and actually read something you’ll enjoy. You might not have time once the school year starts.

Write a story – base it off of your summer, but add in tons of things you wish you could have done.

Go swimming and enjoy the sun – seems obvious, right? Some of us though, are too busy with summer plans that we forget to catch some rays or splash in the water.

Catch a concert – it could be a local group, or one of your fave stars. But take some time and appreciate a night full of music.

Throw a BBQ for all your friends – enjoy some good food and good company before it’s too late to get everyone hangin’ together again.

Carve you and your friends’ initials in a tree – come back next summer and see if they lasted.

Wake up to watch the sunrise – we know summer is meant for sleeping in, but just one day, do yourself a favor and enjoy a summer sunrise.

What's on your must-do list? Tell us in the comments!


by Katie Takacs | 2/1/2016
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