Beauty Spy: Rock Athena T.'s sporty beauty look


GL girl Athena (runathena.t) of Kansas is all about protecting her super gorge skin with products that boast SPF. (Smarty pants!) Being an athletic girl on the go, she loves to enhance her beauty while also keeping it natural. Check out tips from this tennis playing beauty pro. 

Three ways to describe my beauty style: Fresh-faced and simple, Classic and glam

I wear makeup… To school and when hanging out with friends, but not at home

My best beauty tip: I'm often playing tennis, so SPF is really important to me—it’s key for preventing skin cancer and things like that. My makeup is usually pretty simple with just matte brown eye shadows and a little bit of black eyeliner. Overall, I like to enhance my natural beauty and feel confident with myself by only using simple makeup.

As an athlete, I always try to wipe my face with makeup remover wipes, or wash my face with a cleanser after working out. By doing this, it helps prevent sweat from settling in your pores, which causes breakouts and pimples, which no one wants!


Fave lip product: EOS Smooth Sphere in Lemon Drop SPF 15, $4,

Why I love it: I'm a sports girl, so I'm always outdoors. This is perfect for when I'm outside with the SPF coverage for summer, or for school as it gives my lips a slightly noticeable shimmer.


Fave eye product: NYX love in Rio in Amazonian Babes, $4,

Why I love it: The shades are natural, so they are perfect for school, but I can also build up the color for more of a dramatic look for nighttime family dinners.


Fave mascara: bareMinerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black, $18,

Why I love it: I'm personally a fan of no clumps in my mascara and this is perfect. It lengthens my lashes and hardly has any clumps.


Fave face coverage product: NYX Incredible Waterproof concealer in CS05 Medium, $5,

Why I love it: I really like the whole natural-beauty thing, so concealer is to just cover minor flaws and enhance what you’ve got. This concealer matches my skin perfectly after blending and doesn't smudge at all! The small-sized tip is perfect for the small spots on my face I want to cover.


Fave tool: bareMinerals Contour Shadow Brush, $14,

Why I love it: The brush is great for applying eye shadow and it makes it easy to blend out my brow bone highlight color and my lid color. It was the brush I used when I first applied eyeshadow, so it's great for people who are just starting out with makeup.

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by Samantha Wilson | 2/1/2016
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